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By Low Jeremy

Known as the Gateway to the North, Edmonton in Alberta, Canada is a popular commercial, manufacturing, and transportation center situated in an agricultural and mining area. Having a rich agricultural area, Edmonton is known to be one of the best places to breed and buy a pet parrot.

Indeed, if there were one type of bird that is preferred by many pet lovers, that would be parrots. Over the years, parrots have become a popular choice for pets because they colorful, beautiful, entertaining, and impressive pets to have.

And since they can be trained to “talk,” or imitate sounds from their environment, parrot pets are considered wonderful companions by many seasoned animal lovers. If you’re planning to buy a pet parrot in Edmonton�or in any place for that matter�here are some of the basic things that you have to purchase to give your parrot pet a healthy and happy environment:

1. A decent and loving home. Just like any other parrot, Edmonton parrots pets are known to thrive in attention. Giving the bird a decent and loving home will keep it healthy and closer to its owner.

2. Good healthy diet. It is quite important to feed your pet parrot the best diet that you can. Try to change its diet and make it as interesting as possible.

3. A large and safe cage. Although large pet parrot cages are advisable, it’s not really necessary. What’s important is you provide your pet parrot the proper or medium-sized cage it needs to explore and sleep in. For Edmonton parrot pets, it is advisable that you buy cages that can be transformed into a play area to keep your parrot amused and safe.

4. A good range of toys. It is a must that every bird posses a variety of toys to play. At least three sets of toys are recommended to keep your pet parrot interested. Try to choose toys that are non-destructive and are large or small enough to fit into your parrot’s cage. It’s not really necessary to buy expensive toys because they can be home-made as long as the parrot enjoys it.

5. A dependable T-stand. T-stands are actually training tools, thus, they should not be placed where the bird can use it often because they can do tricks you might miss.

Other must haves include the gym or play stand, scale, and a carrier to transport them safely.

The ultimate Edmonton parrot pet site

To acquire more knowledge about Edmonton parrot pets, visit the Edmonton Pet Parrot Association (EPPA) website. The site aims to educate the general public about the proper way of taking care parrots.

To update themselves, its members conduct meetings every month. The site also features different parrot monthly and conducts talks and discussions regularly. The guest speakers present research reports and also conduct toy-making sessions.

The EPPA mainly focuses on aspects of keeping healthy and happy pet parrots. In their meetings, helpful information on topics like parrot nutrition, health, and behavior are featured. Round table discussions on suggested topics and experiences of Edmonton parrot pets are also shared. The site also features the parrots they breed like Alexandrines, Amazons, Macaws, Quakers, and Ringnecks. The site accepts interested parrot pet owners for membership.

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