Parent Trap — Cat Clips #64

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

Parent Trap — Cat Clips #64 Honey and the male cat discuss Tuck’s future in the household. Download your FREE Cat Clips Board Game at Missed any “Cat Clips” episodes? Check out the Playlist to find out. http Follow us on Twitter at: Follow us…

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. thekittykat1999
    | Reply

    the black cat looks EXACTLY LIKE MY CAT but bigger… and its a male

  2. ScoobyHubby
    | Reply

    @thekittykat1999 — The black cat (Trey) is a male also. But he is actually the smallest/thinnest cat among my collection of felines.

  3. M0VIES4U2
    | Reply

    @ScoobyHubby Really!? It’s hard to believe that, seeing all these old videos, where the kittens are so young!

  4. tristyman1
    | Reply

    mack a nother

  5. ScoobyHubby
    | Reply

    @tristyman1 — There are actually over 125 different episodes to watch now. With many more to come!

  6. 1990Mwade
    | Reply

    yall are idiots

  7. Crissaxxxxx
    | Reply

    tuck is soooo cute i love his fur pattern 🙂

  8. ScoobyHubby
    | Reply

    @Crissaxxxxx — I agree. His markings are very cool. Thanks for watching!

  9. t3hc0mm3nt3r
    | Reply

    Tuck looks comfty on the green rug 😀

  10. t3hc0mm3nt3r
    | Reply

    @1990mwade let me guess you have no sence of humor or what is good at all wich is why u think were all idiots right???

  11. ScoobyHubby
    | Reply

    @t3hc0mm3nt3r — All the cats love the green carpet…but we don’t put it down much any more…it’s really more of a bathroom carpet.

  12. Crissaxxxxx
    | Reply

    @ScoobyHubby thanks for commenting on my comment! I liked it but it accidentlywent down 🙁 (Y) thumbs up all the way love your videos!

  13. Crissaxxxxx
    | Reply

    @M0VIES4U2 yh they’re so cute aswell! 130 or something now!

  14. southernrose07
    | Reply

    LOL. I never meet my real father…but i heard he was kind of wild….lol to cute

  15. ScoobyHubby
    | Reply

    @southernrose07 — Thanks for watching!

  16. JoAnneMB1
    | Reply

    I just love Honey’s voice!

  17. ScoobyHubby
    | Reply

    @JoAnneMB1 — Yeah, it walks that fine line between grating and ingratiating.

  18. t3hc0mm3nt3r
    | Reply

    0:19 looks SO cute 😀

  19. tangitanji
    | Reply

    Tuck is a beautiful cat

  20. ScoobyHubby
    | Reply

    @tangitanji — Yes, he is. Thank you.

  21. N8veAngel27
    | Reply


  22. ScoobyHubby
    | Reply

    @N8veAngel27 — The leopard looking cat is a Bengal. It’s a cross between an Asian Leopard Cat (wild) and a Tabby (domestic).

  23. rochelimit55555
    | Reply

    “but I’ll just pretend I’m deaf, like most children do around their mom and dad”, true true

  24. ScoobyHubby
    | Reply

    @rochelimit55555 — Heh, heh. Thanks for watching!

  25. danc3foreva
    | Reply

    @rochelimit55555 omg thats so true when there talking about what there gonna do something bad sooooo true

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