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Yes. Shameless. I’m sorry. Rather than put up a ‘Please Donate’ button to help finance my website and blogging efforts, I have linked on the left our T-Shirt. They are great 😀 *wink* And, yes .. it’s from our website.

We were trying to find a good supplier of pet related books to sell in our – [Online Store], but we couldn’t compete with

Not only does have all the great Papillon Related books, but they carry a wide variety of books for other breeds as well. Plus, if you haven’t been to lately, they are much more than books… To quote a popular tag-line from a commercial … “You should go“.

If you are looking for Papillon related books, here is a list to start researching. If there is just a regular general link, press REFRESH to get back the Papillon book suggestions. We do make a small commission if you decide to buy any of the below products, or ANY products you buy after clicking on one of these links and inside

Shop at

Take care

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  1. Jonathan Balcombe
    | Reply


    I’m impressed by the news coverage of your Blog! Do you ever announce books that might be of interest to your readers? I am the author of a forthcoming book that I think would interest many of them. The topic is pleasure in animals–something that most people who are owned by cats and/or dogs would understand, but that science has been slow to discuss. The book’s title is: Pleasurable Kingdom: Animals and the Nature of Feeling Good (Macmillan, May 2006). It includes lots about cats and dogs. You can learn more at the websites listed below.


    Jonathan Balcombe, Ph.D.
    Germantown, MD

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