Pampered Pets Get Bling Therapy From Ms. BB

Pampered Pets Get Bling Therapy From Ms. BB

By Roxanna Bain

Daahling, Ms. BB knows that your precious pet is a star ~ a natural diva. Your dog or cat begs to be groomed and petted and showered with treats. She lives for your attention and all of the pampering you give her each day to keep her looking beautiful.

However, most humans understand that beauty is more than skin deep. Just like people, dogs and cats need to be taken care of on the inside, as well as the outside. Pets have feelings and emotions that their owners often neglect ~ not because they do not care, but simply because they are unaware. Even when one is aware, they may not know that there is a solution to the problem.

Probably more often than we realize, our poor little animals feel physically or emotionally ill. It is, indeed, unfortunate that they are not always able to communicate their distress to us. Ms. BB would like to take this opportunity to make you aware of something that will not only make your little doggie or kitty look beautiful, but may also help them overcome many of the emotional and physical problems with which they might be suffering.

Yes, Daahling, you guessed it ~ it is Bling! Imagine Ms. BB’s delight to find that Bling not only makes her little FiFi look stunning, but keeps her healthy, too!

Ms. BB has learned from Michael Katz, author of ” GEMSTONE ENERGY MEDICINE, Healing Body, Mind, and Spirit”, that after years of study, practitioners of alternative medicine and complementary health, as well as acupuncturists now recognize Gemstone Therapy as a legitimate healing art for pets as well as their owners. It is a form of energy medicine that is on the cutting edge of health care.

In a time when we are all looking for a cure, and realizing that many of the traditional treatment methods are not only laden with side effects, but simply do not work, gemstone therapy is certainly worth a try for us, and for our precious pets as well.

The colorful assortment of stones used in gemstone therapy not only look lovely, but can help comfort your pet and even relieve pain. Some of the colorful gems can improve your pet’s emotional and physical stability and strengthen the connection between the two of you. Remember that your pet has feelings and memories, too ~ just like you.

Before she walked that red carpet in your life, your star may have had painful experiences that she is struggling with now. You can help her deal with it all much easier by placing healing gemstones around her neck. They will not only make her look and feel pretty, they could make her emotionally and physically healthier!

Nearly all therapeutic gemstone necklaces are suitable for animals, and treat a variety of ailments. Below you can find some of the ones most often recommended by Gemisphere, recognized world wide as the finest therapeutic gems.

Carnelian ~ Carnelian’s rays encourage the mind, emotions, and cells to release disharmony and disease, and supports positive emotions.

Bloodstone ~ Bloodstone helps the body fight infection, removes toxins, and helps the cells absorb nutrients.

Dark Green Aventurine ~ Dark Green Aventurine purifies the body and vital organs

Mother of Pearl ~ Mother of Pearl repairs deep wounds and brings a feeling of love and comfort to frightened or nervous pets.

Onyx ~ Onyx works through the root chakra to ground and stabilize your pet physically.

Rhodonite ~ Rhodonite works at rebuilding a more solid emotional foundation and is good for calming and long-term emotional healing.

Lavender ~ Lavender aligns the body, helping to relieve pain and promote healing.

Light Green Emerineâ„¢ ~ useful before and after surgery to soothe and relieve pain.

Citrine ~ Citrine relaxes inner tension and promotes flexibility in the body, including the cells and organs, to encourage the body to become better aligned.

Sodalight ~ is useful for post-traumatic stress.

Remember, Daahling ~ be extra nice to a pet wearing Bling ~ you might want to borrow it sometime!

Roxanna and Ms. BB have created featuring Gemstone Therapy, an alternative method of treating disease without harmful side effects. The Bling Spa also features exclusive Bling makeovers for you, your pets, and your home.

Also visit Ms. BB at ~ where the In-Crowd shops.

Remember Daahling, “A Bling A Day Keeps The Shrink Away”

Please note: The information in this article is for educational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for consultation with a licensed healthcare professional.

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