Our New Shih Tzu Puppy Snax

It has now been a little over a week since we brought home the newest edition to the family, our new Shih tzu puppy Snax. I have always had big dogs and wasn’t quite sold on a little dog until my wife and I took turns holding Snax in our arms. Snax had kisses for both of us.  It’s true that the puppy chooses the owner and not the other way around. We are excited to start working on small dog training when he gets a little older. 

Since bringing Snax home he has acclimated well and has started eating dry puppy food mixed with dry puppy kibble. We give him the occasional saucer of whole milk and will also mix a little tuna in his food on special occasions. Snax is eight weeks old and doing great. The other day I was fortunate enough to catch him playing with his reflection in the mirror and then turning his attention to Zoey our female Rottweiler. I hope you enjoy the video as much as we enjoyed filming it. 

For more articles on small dog training and Shih Tzu puppies please read more articles from Brian. 

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