Opt to Adopt: Shelter Animals Need You

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought it would be of interest!

>> Note: From YouTube >>


Adopt a Pet and Save a Life. Three million healthy and treatable dogs and cats are put down every year in shelters across America. These animals are loving, happy and loyal dogs and cats who ended up in shelters through no fault of their own.

Please … If you think this video is not appropriate nor related to pet adoption and rescue .. please let HART know via the Contact form. Thank-You

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17 Responses

  1. eXcommunicate1979

    Very very cute video.

  2. patzivota22

    yes pple NVR buy an animal at a pet store, always get them in shelters

    I wouldn’t mind investing in a prime-time commercial that says this fact which’ll be seen my millions.

    I really only just watched a few secs of this video, so sad and moving, I know if I went into a shltr, I would seriously have to get several animals n it, but I cannot afford to maintain their happiness,

    ya know, ur walking out & u see another dog giving you the most sad look saying “pls take me too” … I would have 2

  3. jusforfunn

    Beautiful! I agree!

  4. WinterHaven

    Obama originally made this promise to Dr. Jana Kohl, the author of A Rare Breed of Love — a book about a three-legged rescue dog and puppy mill survivor named Baby–to adopt a shelter dog.
    IF Obama cannot keep a simple basic promise regarding choice of dog-100% in his power to fulfil–IT PUTS SERIOUS DOUBT IF HE CAN KEEP PROMISES ON LARGER MORE KEY ISSUES. How can we trust him now? Obama obviously is NOT a man of his word.

  5. WinterHaven

    How sad Obama has signed the death warrant of so many countless millions of unwanted dogs and cats – and people are dumping their pets on the streets by the millions. Pounds and shelters are very overrun and are literally gassing to death about 30 million a year (actually about a million cats and kittens per state a year is NOT exaggerating). Dog pounds cost Americans about a billion dollars a year in tax money-just to kill dogs and cats.

  6. WinterHaven

    Breeders are everywhere and Obama encouraged Americans to go to breeders-not adopt. That is VERY tragic and sad.

  7. Randomeshows


  8. Horsiegirl913

    i got my dog from a shelter. and he is the sweetest thing ever.

  9. PrayerOfTheRefugee73

    Im sooo happy!! I rescued a dog just yesterday and it was a negelted dog and i now have a dog liscence so i can have more then tree dogs and right now i run a doggy daycare and i already have 5 dogs at my house 24/7!!!!The latest puppy i rescued is naemd callie and she is soo sweet!!!She is 3quarters miniature aussie and 1quarter shelttie!!! BRING DOWN THE PUPPY MILLS AND RESCUE SOME DOGS FROM THE POUND!!!!

  10. JacksHounds

    Rescue animals need all the promoting and help possible, great video – keep up the vital work

  11. hexerei1

    Thank you for posting this very informative video. I will never forgive my father for, despite my adamant opposition, purchasing a puppy from a breeder. Keep up the wonderful work and I will continue to donate to your incredible organization!

  12. horsesinnyc


  13. ariana2785

    I adoptted too and this was the best thing I’ve made in my life, now me and my Kira are totally in love! 🙂 people please adopt! Dont buy animals! Is enough of them that need your love!

  14. andrea20453

    im on my second shelter dog my poor winston passed away i love pound dogs

  15. JoeJonasFutureWife1

    im so gald you do this I..I… feel so bad 🙁

  16. ilovepittybulls


  17. velosiraptor23

    we have two rescued dogs and they are like my children…they bring my family and me alot of joy! Adopt animals and children. I have a family full of rescues!