One Way To Get A Link Here At PetLvr

If you have any cool links, or press releases etc etc .. and wish for me to post it here at [The Blog] .. this might be one way .. our CONTACT FORM!

Subject: [PetLvr – The Blog] Contact Form
From: Hawkin French

Your blog’s the best thing to a cool pet blog I could find, so I couldn’t think of a better place to write. AOL Music recently put together a gallery of celebrities and their dogs.


Check it out when you have the chance, and if you think your readers would be interested in cute famous people walking around with their cuter dogs, by all means, post a link …

Take care,
Hawkin French
AOL Music +

Yup! That might be one way … Flattery always works 🙂 Thanks Hawkin for passing that link~

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