One 4 All Animal Rescue Clovis New Mexico

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought it would be of interest!

Note: information from YouTube

Thank you to the folowing who helped One 4All. Roswell Humane,Dixon Animal Protection NM, Bridging The Worlds, Lab Rescue Alberqueque and Alamagordo, Grey Hound Rescue, Steve Estep, Husky Rescue, Wolfsong Ranch, Rodeo NM, Boulder Valley Humane, Co, Chow Chow Rescue, Texas. Judy Babcock, Quixote Humane, Golden Retreiver Rescue ABQ, English Setter Rescue ABQ, Heart snd Soul Sante Fe. And the countless other orgs and individuals.Our Non Profit orginization was started July 2004. We are in the process of working with other groups to start a much needed Spay/Neuter Program. To stop the kiling of an estimated 90.000+ in the shelters of New Mexico and the untold thousands who die outside on our streets abandoned and alone. Stop the births,stop the killing! This is also a Great Big Thank you to all the different orginization who helped find these animals a home. We are not taking animals at this point , our concentrations are to raise the funds for Spay/Neuter and education. Please support your local Animal Rescues , they need all the help they can get. The expense of running any Rescue/Humane Society is astronomical. Many don’t survie the first year becaue of this. The problem of the thousands of Homeless Pets will only continue to incease unless we can get these animals sterilized, teach people how to be responsible pet owners and get our City Officials to acknowledge the problem. Our concerns are also that people are getting hurt by dangerous animals. The only solution is for

Please … If you think this video is not appropriate nor related to pet adoption and rescue .. please let HART know via the Contact form. Thank-You

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26 Responses

  1. soodleb

    love the animals

  2. freespeechrules100

    Thank you, glad to find another like minded person!

  3. SweetSusiCat

    Thank you, your love and work for this poor
    animals is amazing and wonderful!

  4. freespeechrules100

    Your welcome and thank you for all that you do . “One can do so much but one and one and one can move mountains!”

  5. lelouchemile

    J’ai été très frappé par le premier chien qui ressemble à mon petit cali.
    Est- ce que vous apparaissez dans cette vidéo?
    J’ai hésité entre la blonde aux grands cheveux et la brune qui est au fond de la voiture?
    Le mystère s’épaissit…
    et le piano dans tout cela?
    Je vous souhaite une bonne journée

  6. sparkey1358

    this makes me happy dogs find good owners

  7. goodbyewindows

    What a wonderful video. Thanks for this.

  8. lelouchemile

    Je fonds devant un regard de chien, à la fois symbole de la souffrance et de l’amour

  9. saffrongirl

    Thanks for such a nice video,it was
    beautifully done.
    Because of all the beautiful animals in it.


    beautiful and touching – 5 stars


    c’est une tres belle video +5 etoiles
    bonne fin de journee

  12. puggykisses

    simply…beautiful and touching!

  13. bigcatsrescue

    like omg is that CLOVIS !!!!!!!!!!! i live very near that town but in be tween albuquerque and clovis…

  14. sandrateager

    Simply beautiful video & fitting tribute for all those who go out of their way for these animals in need!!! 5*****

  15. faxodotcom


  16. dmitry852008

    wonderful video, nice job.

  17. ananya7ananya

    such a sweet video, its lovelly!

  18. sweetkitty1967

    What a touching and beautiful video this is! It’s so nice seeing all these animals getting a second chance. :o) 5* Thanks for sharing this with me ananya!

  19. RescueDogs18

    By using hope and strenth we can save these poor animals!

  20. 0n0jin

    great vid, very touching. Its a global problem 🙁 love the soundtrack too, fits so well, what is the song called?

  21. diane189444

    Great video…I know the message will get out there it is up to us to help them all everyday every minute they need us. Hugs

  22. HDVF1

    Wolfsong Ranch Foundation

  23. HDVF1

    Update Grafite & Malakite are doing Great. They are the 2 dogs in the start of the video in the car with the lady. We took them in @ Wolfsong Ranch Foundation, They now live in wonder home were their family has them indoors and they have their own yard with toys, pond and waterfalls. They also get to go on trips. Vet check ups and anything their little heart desire!
    Wolfsong Ranch Foundations has 200 animal
    Johanna Trejo

  24. freespeechrules100

    I am over the moon to hear that. SO good to hear from you and know that Malakite and Grafite are doing well. Thank you for all you do. I am always telling people about you and how you helped us here in CLovis, getting Malakite and Grafite to you. As you can see I never forgot them or you. Be chatting with you very soon. That’s the best Chritmas gift I could ever want hearing from you:):):):)

  25. anupbaj

    adopt left dogs or other aniimals that is very good i just dont like chinese and korean they kill dogs i will kill them

  26. Chat gratuit

    nice video 🙂 thanks for sharing 😉