No Pulling!: Clicker Dog Training

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

I made this video just to show that you can use the same leash walking tips (as my loose leash walking video with a chihuahua in it) with Dogs of all breeds and sizes. All dogs learn in the same way using positive reinforcement training.

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. claudiahoyle
    | Reply

    awesome another great video 😀

  2. suezn5
    | Reply

    thanks for the tips. It’s very helpful to see you work with dogs that are still learning like you have done in this vid. How do you feel about using a long retractable leash and letting the dog have lots of room before it gets tight?

  3. BekoByBeko
    | Reply

    @kikopup Ohh..I got it 😀 I’ll try and tell you if it worked for me ^__^ Thank you 😀

  4. NormyPie
    | Reply

    @kylesproductions Oh Kyle I’m so sorry to hear about your dog. I hope you’re able to take the time you need to grieve.

  5. TheGymlovers1
    | Reply

    @ashtoncole1 you could try using a marker word instead of a clicker. like saying “yes!” in a high-pitched, happy voice. just something you say every time your dog does something you like and then give them a treat right after, just like you would do with a clicker. and then if you really want to reintroduce the clicker later, you could try putting something over the indent in the metal at first because that will mute the click a little and make it less scary. hope this helps!

  6. TheGymlovers1
    | Reply

    @haylz27 I’ve had the same problem w/ my dog. I have stairs right by the front door so every time I want 2 put the leash on I have her go on a step & sit. I make sure she is quiet when I’m putting the leash on, & if she starts barking, I take the leash off & ignore her. Then when she is quiet again, I start over. Once I successfully get the leash on I release her from the step & start walking toward the front door. She only gets to go outside if she is quiet. Hope this helps!

  7. scarscarwow
    | Reply

    @kikopup what would be a good order to train your dog like, example: sit,stay,no-barking,ect. what would be the best order?

  8. minty737
    | Reply

    @ashtoncole1 You could also try desensitising her to the clicker. Get someone at a distance to click, and her not be afraid. Then slowly bring her closer to it. Also, try to muffle the sound a lot using thumbtack ro tape or hiding it in cloth or your hand

  9. ninjakittyinmypants
    | Reply

    I like the video and the Beautiful dogs :).
    The only thing I would prefer is training the dogs on a simple flat collar rather than the harness. When you’re training with the clicker why would you also use a “anti pull” harness, which in itself is a management tool. It seems very unnecessary. If you train you dog to walk properly on a lead it shouldn’t matter what style of collar or harness you have on.

  10. kikopup
    | Reply

    @ninjakittyinmypants There are times in training a shelter dog or a dog new to training where they WILL hit the end of the lead, and all that pressure goes onto one tiny part of the dogs trachea and spine. I do not attach leads to collars for health reasons, as well as if they hit the end of the leash hard it is like a correction or using +P (which I don’t use). I do train dogs on collars for ‘sports’ like rally or passing a CGC test, but I wish those sports would change their rules.

  11. kikopup
    | Reply

    p.s. (you can see what harness I use in my leash walking equipment vid) but for dogs that are super pullers I will put a sensation harness on so that when I back up the dog turns towards me (without me getting blisters). There is no such thing as an anti pull harness- dogs can learn to pull against anything (gentle leaders, nails in their necks, a noose lead) I really hate gentle leaders for that, as people just let their dog pull into them and hurt their face rather than TRAINING their dog!

  12. kikopup
    | Reply

    @scarscarwow depends on the dogs issues. I start most dogs with the Attention noise- see my video on the how to stop undesirable behavior. Then check out my vid – Before you start training with food-, Then I would say Handling… but then whatever issues your dog is having you would focus on those? You know?

  13. bordergirlsmom
    | Reply

    Great tips and I LOVE using sniffing the bushes to reward, fantastic

  14. scarscarwow
    | Reply

    @kikopup i see. (: haha. i love your videos,there very good. im getting a japanese spitz. ever heard of them? (:

  15. ice8cream8lover8
    | Reply

    what could u use as a clicker . would a pen work

  16. Gotanimallove
    | Reply

    Love ur videos, would love to email directly to you for more questions about dog training. I rescued a blind Aussie/Shepard mix whom I train w clicker & I rescued a chi/ mix with a broken jaw and deaf. I need a little bit help with some of it. Nan told me about you!
    I’m new to this YouTube stuff ..

  17. ninjakittyinmypants
    | Reply

    @kikopup I tend to agree with you :)! Thanks for such a informative reply. I must say its really great seeing someone actually Training with a harness. Rather than just saying “Here is a anti-pull super harness that will magically stop your dog pulling!”. You’re right that a dog will pull through fire, I’ve seen dogs half choking themselves on check chains :(. Quick question, if you where to just clip the lead onto your dogs flat collars (say in a emergency), would they still loose lead walk?

  18. Civicblabla
    | Reply

    Do i have to have a “clicker” or cant i just clap my hands or some other clicking noise?

  19. binot
    | Reply

    nice ass

  20. dodolah
    | Reply

    how long should you allow your dog to sniff at the spot? I have a basset hound who normally walk on loose leash ok. But, on a certain spot (usually on wet grassy lawn), he gets really excited, sniff, sleep on it, and refused to move at all. What would be the best way to deal with this behavior?

  21. ohemmgeeASHLEY
    | Reply

    do you pull on the leash to get them to come if they don’t listen to you say lets go ?

  22. E7W1
    | Reply

    @Civicblabla you could make a clicking noise with your tongue

  23. ShibbyDude223
    | Reply

    This is really use full stuff, I have a St. Bernard puppy and he has been ganking me around everywhere on walks. Appreciate the advice.

  24. alexehilary
    | Reply

    very interesting videos. You can not put subtitles?

  25. Michelle12979
    | Reply

    Can’t remember which video included comments where you recommended a book called Scaredy Dog but I wanted to thank you so much for mentioning it. I always thought my Peke had fear aggression (reactive)…and he does…but now I have so much more information and training help for him. Her book and your videos have been a wonderful help. A trainer I hired used methods I didn’t like and once I saw your clicker training videos I was inspired to try new methods that work! Keep up the great work!

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