ninja saga : “how to kill a pet”

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

There are a few strategies for killing a pet. But never try to kill one if you don’t have Rage of Yama or Serene Mind. These two skills reflect all the damage that the enemy does to you and when the pet hits you he reduces his health by the same amount that his attack reduced yours. Rage of Yama can be bought at the academy for 400 tokens, it is the level 40 fire token skill but you can’t get the Serene Mind anymore. It was a reward from the tensai jonin exams. The dark evil sickle is a helpful back item for this because it has 10% to reduce the enemies health by 1% when they attack you, if you have all attribute points in earth you will have a chance of giving reactive force and rebound 30% of the damage the pet gives you and you can raise your reactive force chance by 5% with the crazy wolf weapon in the black smith for level 50.Next video is the Gingerbrat boss.I will upload it Wednesday

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. rinikzerokju
    | Reply

    @rinikzerokju i just fund out!!!! to all the people that have asked me the song is called Creed – My Sacrifice

  2. ninjafreakify
    | Reply

    @rinikzerokju thanks

  3. xxdarkleexx
    | Reply

    @rinikzerokju lol it already said that, just look how many view you got right down

  4. MrWeiPOh
    | Reply

    so fast where can see ?

  5. akdalliance
    | Reply

    this video is so cool and awesome nice work pal Btw i love the song…

  6. loObOfeNniXx
    | Reply

    yea pure forze,just me too

  7. owie1124
    | Reply

    first time a saw a pet died

  8. ixtroon
    | Reply

    I’ve seen pet die many times when i used the pet damage hack so usualy with gedo when damage was lover that it could kill him the pet died heehhe however this is nice too it takes a bit longer although

  9. rinikzerokju
    | Reply

    @ixtroon dont take this the wrong way but i am about 80% sure that you are lying and i hope you get banned for hacking

  10. ixtroon
    | Reply

    @rinikzerokju fuck you and I’ve got banned but i sure didnt use it on my main char bitch
    you cant even dream having my character try to see it once pvp start i wanna kick your bloody mouth justin biber fan

  11. SaKuRa28109
    | Reply

    too fast

  12. ziedthehacker
    | Reply

    dude i have 400 tokens but now i need 500

  13. rinikzerokju
    | Reply

    @ziedthehacker good for you 🙂

  14. dylan1711100
    | Reply


  15. artceramic1
    | Reply

    cool but too fast

  16. Wick3dAssasin
    | Reply

    What do you edit videos with?

  17. toni3730
    | Reply

    what happens with the pet if it dies

  18. xpollofrito
    | Reply


  19. otakuforce1
    | Reply

    he great

  20. devilseyecry
    | Reply

    @toni3730 it will revive back as soon if u get back to the village ..

  21. miloskesegic95
    | Reply

    breath of phoenix(akazosu’s skill) can kill pet in 3 turns 😀

  22. ljencom
    | Reply

    what is the title of this song?

  23. rinikzerokju
    | Reply

    @ljencom creed my sacrifice

  24. adik03able
    | Reply

    those are strong characters

  25. Gujiko50
    | Reply

    its a very fast

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