New Year’s Pet Resolutions

*SMILING PUG* - ��喜发财! Gong Xi Fa Cai! , HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR, PUG CHINADOLL MODEL BY BUGBABY *-*The New Year brings an opportunity for everyone to improve parts of their life that they are unhappy about. Maybe your goal is to lose weight, double your income or change your attitude toward others. Whether you are trying to accomplish short-term or long-term goals, you can still incorporate your pet into your resolutions.

Pets can sometimes have similar problems that humans do. For example, maybe your pet has been overeating and begs for food while you are having dinner. You can start the New Year by reducing their food portions and vowing to no longer feed them table scraps. Your pet might also misbehave around company by barking, growling or biting. Enroll them in an obedience class or work with them on a daily basis to help them become more social.

Also, don’t forget the simple things that can help protect your pet in the year to come. Make sure you have an ID tag on their collar as well as a leash. Schedule an appointment with your veterinarian to have your pet spayed/neutered and get them the necessary medication to prevent heartworm and fleas. If your pet is older, you might want to consider age-appropriate food and health care. So maybe one of your resolutions might be to take more responsibility for your pet and spend more quality time with them.

If you want to add to the family you already have, think about adopting a pet from a local shelter. Ring in the New Year by giving a home to a dog, cat or other animal that needs love and shelter. Raising a pet can definitely make life more interesting, and you will have a furry friend to share your adventures with.

So what if you have already accomplished some of these goals for your pet? Some other ways to enhance the relationship between you and your pet is to donate money, supplies or time to local animal shelters. Or you can help make a difference in someone’s life by certifying your pet as a therapy animal. When people are sick and in the hospital, it can brighten their day to see an animal. Plus, it can provide them with love and affection and turn their environment into a more relaxing atmosphere.

Even though you have a set of your own resolutions to accomplish, you can still find a way to include your pet. It might even help you establish a stronger bond with your animal.

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