New Puppy? These Tips Should Help!

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Seth and his 9 Week old Goldendoodle, Bru, stopped by for a puppy training lesson. We went over potty training, puppy biting, how to pay attention, play fetch and more! Puppies are lots of fun to train!

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16 Responses

  1. Anekha Punchoo
    | Reply

    Adorable video Zak!!! Ure cute the dog's cute n the kid is cute! Isn't this puppy too small to do leash training yet?

  2. Cookie Monster
    | Reply

    Please help Zak, I just got a new maltese 5 month old puppy and I am trying to introduce him to my weimeraner wich is 7 years old. We tried to introduce them this morning but the maltese got close to the weimeraner's ball and snapped at the maltese. Now the maltese is scared.

  3. Robert Gaspar
    | Reply

    Hey! I just got a baby beagle the other day! she's 8 weeks old! Would you like to make a video with her? 🙂

  4. donald kindle
    | Reply

    hay zak, my name is don kindle I live in Granbury tx. I just got a Australian shepherd puppy 10 weeks old. my problem is im disabled I had a stroke 4 yrs. ago I have very limited use in my right arm and im in wheelchair. I would like to train this pup, can you give any advice on how to go about this task, I would gladly take any you may have. thanks and keep up the good work with the dogs.

  5. Danski
    | Reply

    Hey if anyone who could help it’d be great!

    I just got a new puppy which is a cocker spaniel and we put him in his crate and he cry’s like he usually goes in there and grabs his toys no problem and when he’s sleeping I put him in there and then close him in and he sleeps for a couple of hours and keep in mind this is day two of having the puppy. It would be bad for me to put him in the crate near me and close him in and he whines what should I do let him sleep with me on my bed or what please help he’s only two months as well also.

  6. Merelle Hanna
    | Reply

    Can you do how to brush your dogs teeth or clip their nails by yourself, just grooming tips for shorts haired dogs, it would really help, thanks😊

  7. monica
    | Reply

    It’s so hard to even play tug of war with my puppy, she tries to bite my hand, arms, legs, while trying to play. Any suggestions?

  8. Autumnbeautyrhea !
    | Reply

    Zak can you please do more videos on how to bathe dogs cause that would be really helpful btw I love your videos and your channel!,

  9. Danielle Colburn
    | Reply

    Hi Zak! My name is Danielle and my puppy Dobby is an Italian Greyhound. One problem that I noticed, and which I can find no help for online, is that Dobby SCREAMS if he cannot be sitting right next to me. So, if I put him in a play pen that he can literally see me from, he SCREAMS!!!! All the advice online addresses excessive crating as the cause, but Dobby (almost 4 months) is ONLY in his crate for 6 hours when I get sleep. I am home with him the rest of time. I take him for 2 walks a day and we play in the house and he plays with the cat. I am not able to locate any advice on how to address this, because they always discuss adjusting the dog to the crate. He takes himself to his crate when he is ready for bed. So, clearly this is not our issue. I need to know how to teach him to handle alone time.

  10. Eagle In A Beanie
    | Reply

    I love seeing a kid take care of a dog instead of whining about having chores.
    I respect Seth for trying to take care of his dog and doing his homework on dog breeds

  11. FwofwyPigeon
    | Reply

    This video was 10 minutes? It felt like 20

  12. Night Blader
    | Reply

    guys i have a lebrador puppy 4 weeks old and im trying to tell him too look at my eyes but he isnt looking and im giviing him treats..and there are other things that he doenst liisten PLEASEE HELP!

  13. SWIRL DJ Boyd
    | Reply

    Zak please can you train again tibarious the rotwieller if you can

  14. Jf Hearts
    | Reply

    I need help i cant train my dog and my parents are getting tired of him and i cant take care of him but i want him and i dont want him to go hes a Yorkie shire i love him i dont want him to go PLS HELP!!!

  15. Scruzy 26
    | Reply

    Hello Zak, I was just wondering how much time a day you should train your puppy. Thank you so much.

  16. marianny roman
    | Reply

    Can I call you for training

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