New Iams® Tartar Treats™ Deliver Tasty Chew Along With Promoting Dental Health Benefits

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Delight Your Dog with Iams® Tartar Treats™ for Clean Teeth

New Iams® Tartar Treats™ Deliver Tasty Chew Along With Promoting Dental Health Benefits

DAYTON, Ohio, Feb. 27, 2006 – February is Pet Dental Health Month, and The Iams Company is celebrating with the launch of Iams® Tartar Treats™ for dogs, a delicious edible hard chew that also assists in providing tartar reduction for improved dental health.

“More than 80 percent of veterinarians surveyed have listed oral health problems as a top challenge they see in dogs as they get older,” said Dr. Dan Carey, a veterinarian with The Iams Company. “The design of Iams Tartar Treatsâ„¢ helps harness our dogs’ natural chewing desire into an activity that can help reduce tartar.”

Each treat contains 38 tartar scrubbers on a patent-pending double-sided design that looks like a scrub brush for the teeth. Both the design and the formulation of the treat contribute to plaque and tartar reduction.

The product is available in small, medium and large sizes to fit any breed or chewing preference. Single-serving trial packages are available starting at a suggested retail price of 99 cents. Multi-treat packs are available in several quantities for a suggested retail price between $5.29 and $24.99, depending on the size of the pack and treat size.

Providing 1-2 treats per day is a perfect complement to all Iams dog food formulas, which include Daily Dental Careâ„¢ and have been proven to help control tartar buildup on dogs’ teeth.

A unique blend of ingredients gives the chew its natural beige color and makes it hard enough to help clean away tartar. The unique texture allows the chew to be consumed without crumbling.

Iams had tests conducted at the University of Illinois using a scientifically validated artificial canine stomach and intestine model to simulate the digestive process. Iams Tartar Treatsâ„¢ were found to be up to three times more digestible than the hard chew category leader.

About The Iams Company

For nearly 60 years, The Iams Company, a division of Procter & Gamble (NYSE:PG), has enhanced the well-being of dogs and cats by providing world-class quality foods and pet-care products. To learn more about Iams Dog Food or general pet care and nutrition information, call the Iams Consumer Care Center at (800) 446-3075. You also can visit Iams on the Web at .

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