New drench ad starring the world’s smartest pet goldfish

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

The cleverest pet goldfish ever, Mr Memory, performs at his best in this new ad from drench. To see some funny moments from his training sessions, why not watch our goldfish quiz question videos at and rate the funniest.

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. rainbowpixx
    | Reply

    my fish now knows how to nod and glop (my word of noding in a no motion). if you really take the time for fish, they listen. i used my head and a piece of paper. my fish understood arrows, so that helped alot. and my fish can tell me weather it wants food or not. Shes a convict female named peach!!

  2. pianoac
    | Reply

    So gonna steal that goldfish!!!! >8D

  3. shadowuchiha525
    | Reply

    7 people failed the test

  4. Tratlantis
    | Reply

    One of the coolest ads… 😀

  5. thegarlicbrothers
    | Reply

    And I have bin just trying to get my dog to fetch.

  6. Cpmstudiosfan17
    | Reply

    This won funniest ad 2010.

  7. bigdiezl01
    | Reply

    Love it! Awesome!!!

  8. Hellomynameislaurenn
    | Reply

    Ahaha <3

  9. Tysen11
    | Reply

    lol i just keep repeating :38 over and over again

  10. Tysen11
    | Reply

    :38 ftw

  11. 8o8hawaiii
    | Reply

    Like the police say.
    “There’s nothing to see here move along.”

  12. bea199912
    | Reply

    haha probably one of the best adds ever

  13. pawsimoreismylife
    | Reply

    this is awesome! I wish my fish was that smart :/

  14. JDluv911
    | Reply

    Where can i get a fish like that.

  15. TheStolmeijer
    | Reply

    thumps up if worlds most funnies commercials 2010 got you here

  16. iluvao
    | Reply

    aww hes so cute

  17. deafro1001
    | Reply

    very original. love it!

    | Reply

    hes obviously a mix of chuck norris, jesus and pure awesomeness !!!

  19. 21750099
    | Reply

    rofl rofl dropped my waffle

  20. 21750099
    | Reply

    7 people need their brain checked

  21. gslplus3
    | Reply

    now i want a goldfish!

  22. HelloxHixWatsup
    | Reply

    omg i really did think this was real until it did that victory dance x_x

  23. pontepolentepontepi
    | Reply

    beautiful :-)))

  24. charlee88
    | Reply

    wats the song

  25. iluvao
    | Reply

    @HelloxHixWatsup it is real he was doin one of those dolphin dances lol

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