Names For Dogs

Names For Dogs

By Hillary Kuenn

Naming the family puppy can be a difficult task. There are many resources to help out with ideas and brainstorming, but in the end, a name that really fits your dog is hard to find in a book. The Internet provides a wide variety of searchable databases with thousands of names for dogs and some even allow you to purchase products such as nametags directly through their site.

Internet websites providing lists of names for dogs can be very particular. There are amazing amounts of websites that have names for dogs that only would be suitable for a small number of dogs. For example, I have found sites that list only aristocratic names for dogs, Celtic names for dogs, French names for dogs, Japanese names for dogs, Irish names for dogs, and Native American names for dogs. The most common names for dogs are usually non-gender names. Websites listing names for dogs pertaining to male or female gender, as well as non-gender names are also very abundant. The Pet Net Bookstore offers a wide assortment of names for dogs and you can purchase books, etc, directly from their site.

There are several people who want to help out with this difficult family task, and they have created their own personal websites in an attempt to help you brainstorm. These sites are usually just a comprehensive list of names for dogs, but these can still be very helpful suggestions. Try surfing through to find this type of website.

There are professional sites that have lots of suggestions too. is a free and searchable database list of over 6000 popular names for dogs and their meaning. is a really cool site listing a lot of names of dogs- including ethnic names for dogs and puppies. displays thousands of names for dogs and puppies in a searchable database that provides the meanings of the names as well. has lots of good suggestions for naming your new puppy.

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    intressant ik zie hier site s staan waar je honden namen kunt vinden daar ben ik erg blij mee ik heb namelijk een pup gekocht maar weet geen naam dit is nog eens handig bedankt!

    groetjes leonie

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