NAME THIS CAPTION: (2006.04.11) No. 2

Welcome to “Name This Caption” .. hopefully a continuing series here at – [The Blog] ….

This is how it works …. We start with a picture that somebody has spammed me, I mean FWD’ed to me in my email IN-BOX .. so as far as I’m concerned .. it’s source is now public domain! :p (If this is a picture of your pet .. our deepest sympathies and apologies)

Caption: ________________________

Rules :

* Post your Caption in our Comments
* A Winner will be decided every Sunday
* A new caption will be posted shortly thereafter
* Winning Captions will be immortalized in the NEW page of Caption Winners!
* Winners are decided by HART, however HART’s opinion may be persuaded by majority vote found in our comments below .. e.g. which caption do you think is best?

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3 Responses

  1. David Hartman
    | Reply

    oh boy! i had to tell to follow that poodle

  2. HART
    | Reply

    You KNOW you’re going too fast when …

  3. HART
    | Reply

    You can put the baby in the back seat, in our new baby-high chair – sports edition (comes with stickshift)

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