My newfoundland service dog part 1

Some video of my newfie service dog, Max, in action and just some of the things he does for me

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45 Responses

  1. critterluvva
    | Reply

    just out of curiosity- why is he crawling over the table and chairs? ???

  2. mickebestorp
    | Reply

    Wonderful movie Of a wonderful breed. My heart cryes whith you. We lost our black newfie Nike just before christmas. But we have à Brown one ” Madicken “her name is. (swedish) Could’nt imagine a’nother breed. Love them, and there kind, loving way. / Michael

  3. merlinfluff
    | Reply

    Yes trained him ourselves, although he did make it easy

  4. lillyellajessica
    | Reply

    This is awesome!! My newfs are good but wow! Did u train him yourself???

  5. Kiera Kittie
    | Reply

    I found this video when looking to see how well a newf would handle being a service dog, my fiancee ((wedding day planned in June 2012)) is disabled with lower back and nerve damage. This video was beautiful, we are looking to get two newfs in the next year. Something we have been planning for many years now. Max is a beautiful dog, It is so sad to hear you lost him, but this video has answered some basic questions on trainablitly. Thank you both for sharing.

  6. MSChelsey1988
    | Reply

    I cried watching this, because I too have anxiety disorder. I don’t leave the house without my boyfriend. I would love it if I could have a dog that is allowed to go into grocery stores.

  7. MrLilblondie822
    | Reply

    God Bless you and Max.. this is an amazing, beautiful Newfie. So very sorry to hear that Max has passed. I have 2 Newfies, a 2 yr old female, Mya. And Murphy, a 14 week old boy. I would love to have him become a therapy dog. Any suggestions on where and when to start?

  8. tracyhobbs
    | Reply

    awww…. he looks like a big teddy bear 🙂

  9. thebashersplace
    | Reply

    A newfoundland dog is the best dog from the best province. You should visit st johns. You had a really nice newfoundland dog

  10. TheCassiFish
    | Reply

    Fist you had me crying from the amazing things your dog was able to do to help you NOW you having me crying for the loss of such a wonderful companion.
    RIP Max.

  11. noleafclover614
    | Reply

    :'( RIP Max

  12. TheBahaiGirl
    | Reply

    How did you train him? I’m currently training my own psychiatric service dog 🙂

  13. crimsonblood8
    | Reply

    I am so sorry. He looks like such a great service dog!

  14. tinekesnow
    | Reply

    What a gorgeous dog Merlinfluff, and so pleased he could do so much for you, hope your progress continues even now he is gone, I am sure he will always be with you in spirit 🙂 You are doing a great job as a new Mum, keep up the good work!

  15. merlinfluff
    | Reply

    RIP my beautiful, perfect newfie. You will always be remembered and loved. Max passed away from Canine Dilated Cardiomyopathy on the 7 May 2011. He waited long enough to meet my gorgeous son. Have a wonderful time over beyond the rainbow with a strong heart and plenty of energy to play.

  16. Trund27
    | Reply

    You are very brave and I am pleased you have the love and companionship of such a beautiful dog. Keep going and know there are many of us out here on your side! :0)

  17. Tigerbabe38
    | Reply

    These dogs are so amazing. We are in the process now of getting our dog trained to fit the needs of my little one. It’s good to see you have someone in your life a your dog to help comfort you and help you. What a true blessing hun. I’m so happy for you. God Bless

  18. gorramdoll
    | Reply

    he’s so beautiful! I’m glad he helps so much.

  19. GoldiDox
    | Reply

    @txwildflower45 – I’m sure you’re right, but that’s not the point. 🙂

  20. txwildflower45
    | Reply

    I am sure that there have been dirtier things on those tables than a dogs paw.

  21. Pippip3030
    | Reply

    Big deal about the dog walking on the table man how many birds shit on it daily.

  22. GoldiDox
    | Reply

    Curious to know why you allow him to walk up on top of tables, especially in a public place and where people eat? In the US that would be highly frowned upon, well, just not done.

  23. GoldenGirl0901
    | Reply

    This is the most amazing video I came across about service dogs and especially newfoundland. I am in admiration and humbled by how those dogs are able to help us human. I feel touched each time I see your video. Thanks!

  24. merlinfluff
    | Reply

    13 that’s a good age, must miss your Newfie, good luck with your new Best Friend

  25. geroni1971
    | Reply

    These dogs are truly amazing. I had a Newfie for 13 years, been without him for 2, and am 4 weeks away from getting another one. They are awesome.

  26. PurpleHempDragon
    | Reply

    I didn’t know we could get service dogs, I am not sure if we can get them in Canada..
    I’d love to have one. Our large dogs. A rotti and rotty shepherd cross are like your dog in many ways. I am extreamly proud of you. You have given me hope. I didn’t know people could have a service dog, for some reason I figured people wouldn’t consider problems like ours real and tell us service dogs couldnt be used. Info is power and your giving us great info, that can help us help ourselves

  27. FallingandRunning
    | Reply

    Aw, he’s such a cutie. I’m always glad when dogs other than poodles and labs are seen doing these jobs, they get too much publicity as it is.
    Beautiful vid, and the music brings a tear to my eye.

  28. BIP0LAR0ID
    | Reply

    This is very inspiring. I’m training a border collie to be my PSD soon. i’m going to make a series of videos about training/public access. I live in a small town in the south (in the US) so i’ll be just about the only one in my town with a service dog at all, and I have a feeling i’ll have some trouble being let in some places! But i’m going to be video taping it all as an example of how to explain to a business owner about PSDs and how they are just like any other service dog.

  29. therapydogchick
    | Reply

    Max is amazing! Keep up the great work!

  30. pinkiekat122
    | Reply

    So much hope!!! thank you…

  31. zipperhead53
    | Reply

    Looks like a Service Bear.

  32. BeingMarieT
    | Reply

    You’re not alone, please take care and keep taking one step at a time:)

  33. 1skinrn
    | Reply

    I also use a service dog. A pyr. My Newfie is in training. Thank you for sharing!!

  34. Turok9702
    | Reply

    wow the dog saved her life at 1:00

  35. markdon16
    | Reply

    You certainly have a (very dear friend)- there by your side..  :-))) we wish you well.

  36. vulcangunner58
    | Reply

    Gotta love the Newfoundland dog, such a sweet, gentle giant. And a true hero at your side!

  37. markdon16
    | Reply

    beautiful have a friend for life!!!

  38. slayerchick303
    | Reply

    This is absolutely inspiring. This literally brought a tear to my eye. I am physically disabled and know the joy, freedom, and independence that service dogs can bring to life. I commend this woman and Max for sharing their beautiful teamwork, journey, and message that there is hope for everyone.

  39. ServiceDogPartner
    | Reply

    Hi, I have physical and cognitive disabilities. I trained my own service dogs. (My first was 10 years ago, then a few years later for my second guy.) Did you train Max yourself, with a professional trainer, or is he a program dog? I did train one “intelligent disobedience” skill: alerting me to the stove timer going off, even if I am asleep, ignore, push away, reprimand, etc., because of memory impairment. If you trained Max, I’d love to swap training stories. R U a member of IAADP?

  40. canariojoe
    | Reply

    two angels.

  41. iluvmerrcatz
    | Reply

    they are so gentle…how are u and max now elly?

  42. emyloverbug2
    | Reply

    i ahve a service dog to his name is sparky he is a chihuahua he really works and he has saved me 20 times the pic that i have on my icon is him

  43. triumphantbutterfly
    | Reply

    Thank you so much for sharing. This is great !!! 🙂 I also have a PSD. But mine is a tiny italian greyhound. 🙂

  44. rkirkemnat
    | Reply

    Thank you for sharing My newfoundlands name is Ella and I have M.S. and she has come to help whenever I fall(pulled me) The only that I have taught her is the word “help” when I need help getting up she lets me use her for support.
    The best dog ever!!

  45. walksindreams
    | Reply

    wow! what an amazing dog:) he is so big, like a giant teddy bear. Was he your dog and you trained him to become a service dog, or did you get his specifically as a service dog?

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