My New Doggie Trailer

Happy Canada Day Everybody!

I’m out at the beach now .. and wanted to show you all my *New!* Doggie Trailer!

I was sooooooooo proud of myself last summer, when I bought a used baby trailer and converted it into a doggy trailer! Looking back, I am glad I did that and it really worked out. You see, at the cottage, my wife likes to jog about 12 km each morning around Victoria Beach and if I don’t get out there too, I never get any exercise! But, if we leave the dogs in the cottage, all they do is bark waiting for us to come back … not too good at 7am-9am in the mornings! Also, Sophie can’t keep up for more than a few miles and then wants to just stop in mid-tracks in the middle of the road … and, Maxxie has the spinal Canine Degenerative Disc Disease (CDDD) and he isn’t as agile on his back feet as he used to be!

And, the trailer was okay – but, a little stuffy. It was better for Maxxie if we left the roof open, so he could get some air. I had to put Sophie in the front basket 🙂 But, she was cute as a button (and fit the basket) and loved the attention she would get as people would pass by. But, if a dog came out from a driveway and started barking, Maxxie would try to jump out of the doggie trailer, to meet a new friend! That sounds okay, but I had trouble making a good conversion of the front of the baby trailer into a good wall of the doggie trailer. You see (from the pictures below) … where the baby’s feet used to stretch out of the trailer .. I added some nylon material and stretch nylon string to hold it in place. If Maxxie just looked out of there, that nylon wall would come down, and if it was muddy or raining .. slosh from the back tire of my bike would go right in his face!

So, I had a little extra money in my Paypal account, and went to eBay and purchased a brand new Large Red Dog Pet Bike Trailer w/Jogger Stroller Kit … My landed cost, including shipper’s freight and Canadian duty and GST on the import was … $215.00 CDN.

There’s a third wheel in front that can be used as a stroller. independent of the bike. I left the stroller handle bar in the back, in case I wanted to tie some groceries or something to that section. Also, I should mention that this doggie trailer is really easy to take apart – it’s all clips that pop out. And, there’s a bar on the top too .. if you remove that, it all folds up neat in about 8″ high by maybe 30″ x 30″ or something like that (e.g. fits in the truck with ease!)

That’s about double of what my first doggie trailer cost me. But, after taking BOTH dogs on a very long bike ride … it worked perfectly! We’re so happy that I spent the money and upgraded. Also, I feel that my bike is safer too – that the attachment arm won’t swing and break my spokes (again) like it did last year!

Out With The Old!

In With The New

I’ll be uploading more pictures all summer over at the following location:

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3 Responses

  1. timethief
    | Reply

    Spiffy! An excellent solution for family rides. 🙂

  2. HART (1-800-HART)
    | Reply

    The new doggie trailer worked perfectly on a 10km bikeride test!

  3. HART (1-800-HART)
    | Reply

    My wife was just on the local radio talking about people who are kooky like us and have doggy trailers 🙂 <-that’s ours

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