My Funny Siberian Cat Chasing The Light…How To Train Your Cat..GUARANTEED!

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About HART Kahuna

OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D


  1. Mysteria5 says:

    That is definitely some incredible speed, reaction time, and agility. But
    hey, it’s all in the traits of a Siberian cat.

  2. He’s gorgeous! I had a beautiful Silver Mack Tabby Siberian, Izek, who died
    of FIP. Loved seeing Casper playing♥

  3. Strannik191 says:

    He’s jumping like Fox-Terrier! :)

  4. beautiful cat :)

  5. Kristel Cristina says:

    buy him a laser light! my Siberian kitty go crazy every time!! XD hahahahaha

  6. That-green-eyed-Irish-girl says:

    siberians need to be played with alot or they just sleep all day and it’s
    bad for them

  7. DubdateOfficial says:

    @antioxidantsguide Where abouts? Could you give more information about the
    breeder since all the breeders I can find are down south? :)

  8. Go! Tennis Channel says:

    @frogpollen No, we got him in the north of England!

  9. JerseyGirl0081 says:

    WoW! They can really jump! :)

  10. Yilmaz Ozturk says:

    Laser works better! :)

  11. Kristel Cristina says: more…he broke it up the last week ._. LOL anyway, i were soooo
    careful with that light! ;)

  12. SorlaMaLiLy says:

    Wow, he is a beautiful Siberian. Love his coat

  13. Go! Tennis Channel says:

    @aj2010musician That’s right, he hates me doing it..but just can’t resist
    chasing it!!

  14. Just be sure it cant hurt his eyes.

  15. csiribiri1 says:

    beautiful fluffy!

  16. awwwww

  17. Ecko Siberiancat says:

    hello, that was an awesome guy, :-).. I wonder maybe my “Ecko” Siberian cat
    hes just 3 mos and 1 week old now is gonna be like you Siberian Cat size
    too.. :-) (We Just brought him this Past Nov 5 from the breeder)…. so
    pluffy and look soft to cuddle :-). Ecko is a very playful cat also, if hes
    awake he don’t wanna stop playing, he also love lazer light.. How old is
    your cat now?..

  18. A Siberian Cat says:

    Watch my videos, please? Meow….

  19. vegandragonflies says:

    I really want a siberian cat beautiful.

  20. glamretro says:

    He is gorgeeeous!

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