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This is what I typically do every evening with my horses! Make sure to turn the sound on for the voice over. And don’t forget to comment and subscribe! I do my best to reply to all of the comments. You all are the best!

How old are you? I am 19 and older than I look.
Do you own a horse? I own two! A quarter horse mare named Lady, and a miniature gelding named Scotty.
English or western? I ride both! Though probably english more.
Why don’t you ride your horse? Lady is severely foundered and lame most of the time. I ride other people’s horses instead.
Are you going to get a horse you can ride? I hope to very soon!
…If you have anymore questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

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Thanks for watching!

– Karis

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D


  1. HorseCrAzY5678 says:

    I'm so late but That was an amazing vid!!! OMG that mini was just so cute!!! I want him i am glad lady is better to:-) u deserve way more subs:-)

  2. Giovi Londos says:

    amazing thank you I'm planning to have a horse so thanks


    Am I the only one who realize most of her pets are ginger. Ginger dog, cat, mini horse and her horse?

  4. julycorn f says:

    Your horses are just the cutest! ❤🐴

  5. tbh_ im_rylee says:

    I have always been looking forward to horse riding lessons and starting my little barn, and you are the best to look up to! This is my first time on your channel and I love your videos! I will tell my friends to watch you everyday! Your the best and Scotty is just like me! I love knocking things over!😜😜 keep up the good work! P.S You earned yourself a new subscriber!

  6. Anaia Baker says:

    what is the shortest time that a person could start jumping and how often should the take lessons…… I want to know because  we move a lot and its is very hard to find  good tranning stables that aren't too expensive and I'm interested in jumping

  7. HorseCrAzY5678 says:

    Owwo Scotty is so cute i have a minuter Shetland pony name dusty he is a boy and he is about 9 hands he so adorable i know Shetland ponies can be hard work but really fun to groom and play with:-) do u ever ride Scotty??? :)

  8. Jodi Griffin says:

    You really sound like Ellen Page! Great vids :) x

  9. Ruby Lynch says:

    Can you do a blanketing video?

  10. Twin Horse Power says:

    Your mini horse is so cute!! I subscribed!

  11. Margarita K says:

    Hey! Do you help me?
    maybe you now, how to stop the horse while to bite when you brushing him?
    I don't now.. he always when I brushing him, want to bite me..

  12. Julia Scott says:

    I just subscribed! And I've loved horses since I was 3 and I still haven't token one lesson only 1 trail ride. Only 1 time I went to a lesson stable and that is where I really hope to take more lessons. I really love horses and watching ur videos make me happy 😁

  13. Stephanie Davey says:

    Cuute ponies!! Love it xx

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