“Muskegon River Deer in boat”- Michigan

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


YouTube Description

Muskegon River Steelhead. A deer jumped into our boat while we were Steelhead fishing on the Muskegon River in Western Michigan. It’s a pretty funny video well worth watching!

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. huskyjerk
    | Reply

    It’s gotta be somebody’s pet that got loose.

  2. MrSonicmadness
    | Reply

    LOL that is funny

  3. AntiHuntersLoveMe
    | Reply

    LOL! I’ve spent a lot of time floating down the mighty Muskegon but I’ve never seen anything like that. That was great! Nice boat!

  4. scookers288
    | Reply

    The deer has an orange vest on because the deer is tame. Someone had to have worked with the deer to get it this way. This means someone cares for this deer. In order to protect it from being killed during hunting season, this person put an orange vest on it. I’ve heard of people painting deer as well. This usually doesn’t stop hunters, though.

  5. bjml2009
    | Reply

    too good… only in Michigan

  6. dutchdutch41
    | Reply

    it thinks its a dog! hahahahahah

  7. whiteguy2369
    | Reply

    no that deer is not somebodys pet it killed a hunter and stole his vest to blend in during shotgun season

  8. jsoule1980
    | Reply

    Michigan is full of these little cuties:) It’s obviously someone’s pet, hopefully the owner gets him back home.

  9. ArcticCat137
    | Reply

    thats Pure Michigan….

  10. sscalise03
    | Reply

    That was funny. You shouldve given him a sandwich. Poor thing hungry. Hopefully he will survive the awful hunters.

  11. buffybluegrass
    | Reply

    Only in Norhtern Michigan 🙂

  12. taekwondomaster1928
    | Reply

    omg thats so funny

  13. stupitdeath2010
    | Reply

    yeperz me to you have fun

  14. Matthew5Verse7
    | Reply

    I love it!!

  15. o56kid
    | Reply

    I would swear that I was going insane if I saw a deer walking around with a blaze orange vest on LOLOL

  16. o56kid
    | Reply

    I would swear that I was going insane if I saw a deer walking around with a blaze orange vest on LOLOL

    Haha, the buck is sayin,”I know how to hook them fish!!”

  17. thunder49656
    | Reply

    cool video! You guys seem like a bunch of nice fellas havin fun… catch any fish?

  18. silverthegamehogxx
    | Reply

    2:35 the deer thinks about mounting the fat dude

  19. noglenogle
    | Reply

    Bless you guys for being so kind to him !!! Cutest part was when one of you fixed his vest. 🙂 Great video and thanks soooo much for sharing. I’ve spent lots of time in the UP and had the pleasure of spending about an hour parked across from Kewanaw Mountain Lodge near Copper Harbor feeding everything in the car to a female black bear who had a DNR tag in each ear (three strikes your out). She would let her cubs beg for food while she hid in the hedges…not good. Take care!!

  20. grandmasbuttons
    | Reply

    Most guys would want to kill the dear little deer! Thank you guys, for being gentle human beings!

  21. EddieApoc
    | Reply

    This is great

  22. klaykid117
    | Reply

    the dear is a reverse hunter

  23. klaykid117
    | Reply

    the dear is reverse hunting

  24. TheSuperChickenLeg
    | Reply

    i have a friend that had a pet deer, he used it to hunt, and attract other dear, so im guessing that’s what this deer was.

    | Reply

    u guys get it back to the owner? or kinda just left him?

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