mouse basketball tutorial

After many requests, here is how I teach my mice to play basketball. This trick is quite difficult, so you and your mice (rats/hamster/gerbils/…) should al…

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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40 Responses

  1. Raccoon Willie
    | Reply

    …can’t u teach him how to dribble?

  2. Adrian Katzenstein
    | Reply

    Oh look its LeMice James

    | Reply

    I was thinking of buying a dog, but this is amazing!

  4. L Ey
    | Reply

    wtf that mouse is massive, look how big it is compared to the basket ball

  5. Jaime Bara
    | Reply

    That’s so awesome you sir have allot of patients

  6. Sharewith Lazypeople
    | Reply

    Interesting, kind of like how the mainstream media keeps racism alive. Look
    at the mike brown story hmmm, now have you ever heard the name Chris
    Newsome? Interesting…. in-ter-resting

  7. Natálie Jordánová
    | Reply

    More tutorials please!!!!

  8. Khue Nguyen
    | Reply

    haha, this is just awesome

  9. butlerproman
    | Reply

    Dammit! I’m trying to play with the ball, quit shoving food in my face.

  10. Jake C
    | Reply

    The moment you realize that a mouse plays sports better then you can.

  11. Littlebox cat
    | Reply

    Is that sound a behavior clicker?

  12. Justin Humenik
    | Reply

    the mouse is dunking! this is an amazing video bravo!

  13. ryan56721
    | Reply

    Not one for pets but have to say this is kewl XD 

  14. Caleb Walker
    | Reply

    Tell me that’s not rat poop all over the place

  15. King of Midgard
    | Reply

    But can they learn the true american sport: BASEKETBALL!

  16. Asayaki Suchi
    | Reply

    It’s very cute. :3

  17. KittyStyles1
    | Reply


  18. joe walsh
    | Reply

    Better than lebron

  19. the alicorn crusader
    | Reply

    That was amazing!

  20. Kittycattube Kitty
    | Reply

    How sweet is that. Can we kitties play?

  21. BrittLeanne652
    | Reply


  22. Brandon Soto
    | Reply

    I have a few mice but they eat my food, poop all over the place, chew on my
    cables, and carry diseases

  23. Amanda Torppey
    | Reply

    i love your mouse!

  24. nattylightlight
    | Reply

    He’s the Michael Jordan of mice…He can DUNK!!!

  25. Selorm Hammond
    | Reply

    Nii Po shut up the holcaust was a sad experience.

  26. Ninjer Blose
    | Reply

    Make a vid of mice vs mice in BB

  27. Dragon Steel
    | Reply

    I know it’s part of the training but the beginning made me laugh. The mouse
    was like “okay I have the ball…” and you were like “eat food, more food,
    MORE FOOD! ” It was just funny from my point of view. 

  28. tza18005
    | Reply

    Mouse in the House…

  29. Melek Ceferova
    | Reply

    Mousel Jordan блин

  30. pepe pepito
    | Reply

    this is cannabis seed…

  31. Lance Epe
    | Reply

    Wow I never see that 1 I just thought all mouse is a pests

  32. Leslie Saldivar
    | Reply

    The most amazing thing I have ever seen!

  33. Angel De Jesus Pimentel
    | Reply


  34. keeva2007
    | Reply

    thats absolutely mind blowing.
    i dont have mice pets but curious, did you buy from a breeder?
    im eventually going to get a mouse but i dont think pet stores are the way
    to go

  35. Jadyn Panovich
    | Reply

    awww this is so cute 

  36. Resoxin
    | Reply

    Why is there so much hate on on these mice videos.. 

  37. Forest Pepper
    | Reply

    I’m guessing the “food & clicker” approach to training would work with a
    fair number of people, as well . . . myself included.

  38. Ustad Revi
    | Reply


  39. Haruka Watagashi
    | Reply

    Yay~!! How cute!! I miss our mice…they’re all in heaven now!! :3

  40. Busk You
    | Reply


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