Molly Mutt and Molly Meow Duvets

Well, I don’t know where the statistics come from in the Press Release below, but I can tell you that our Papillon dogs LUV their “Donut Pillow Bed-Bed”! We have two of them … a large and a small one (this is the large one) .. and our friend sewed together a cover for the rim and the bedding that is machine washable. I’m a fan of covered pet beds and Eco-Friendly is good, right?

Press Release

Molly Mutt(tm) Debuts Molly Meow(tm), Introducing their Eco-Friendly Pet
Duvets for Felines

Since February 2009 Launch, Up to 67 Tons of Textiles Have Been Kept from Landfills by Upcycling with Molly Mutt and Molly Meow Beds

February 5, 2010 – Emeryville, Calif. – Molly Mutt(tm) (, the dog duvet company, has officially launched Molly Meow(tm) (, giving felines something to cheer about. Following on the popularity of Molly Mutt dog duvets, Molly Meow was created to give cat owners an eco- and wallet-friendly bed in a variety of great designs their pets will love as much as they do.

Molly Meow is a line of durable yet easy to wash cat bed duvets and kits – a new approach to keeping textiles out of our landfills. Molly Meow and Molly Mutt’s revolutionary duvet and “stuff sack” make creating and maintaining a stylish, comfortable and clean pet bed easier – and much more environmentally-friendly and less costly – than ever before.

“We have received an overwhelming number of photos from customers of their cats on their Molly Mutt dog beds and really wanted to create something specifically for all of the cat lovers out there,” said Molly Mundt, founder of Molly Mutt and Molly Meow. “We couldn’t be more thrilled about what a big hit Molly Mutt has been, and we are so excited to bring our chic, eco-friendly and durable pet beds to felines and their owners with the launch of this new line.”

Molly Mutt’s customers – both retail customers and pet store owners – worked with the company to develop the Molly Meow concept, ensuring a duvet was created that was ideal for all cat owners. Molly Meow cat bed duvets come with a matching “cat nip bag”, a small zippered bag that matches the pattern of the duvet. The cat nip bag allows customers to buy cat nip, put it into the zippered bag, which is then placed in the stuff sack along with the clothes, bedding and other textiles, making the bed very appealing to feline
friends. Additionally, the cat duvets are available in both round and square shapes, and are available individually or in the DIY Kits, which come with two duvets and one stuff sack.

Molly Meow cat duvets are launching in two fabrics: the customer-favorite Bird on a Wire pattern, as well as the brand new La Vie en Rose pattern. La Vie en Rose is a newly launched fabric for both Molly Mutt and Molly Meow, and it was added to bring an elegant touch to our pet beds for customers that want a touch of pink or grey, two colors that are new to the Molly Mutt collection of patterns.

With Molly Meow products, cat owners can simply re-cover their pet’s favorite bed with our stylish yet easy-to-wash dog duvets. Additionally, with our mesh stuff sack, Molly Meow made it as simple as filling the sacks with old clothes and bedding laying around the house. Have some old towels about to get tossed in the garbage or ready to be donated? Instead pet owners can use them inside the stuff sacks and cover them with Molly Meow cat duvets as a great way to recycle old things and keep them out of the garbage. By “upcycling” household leftovers, pet owners save money and help keep textiles out of the waste cycle.

“Creating a product that is friendly to the environment was of utmost importance to us,” continued Mundt. “Since we launched Molly Mutt in February 2009, we estimate that by using our duvets and stuff sacks and
filling them with old bedding, clothes and textiles, our customers have “upcycled” up to 67 tons of products that otherwise might have found its way into landfills. We’re proud to have helped make even a small difference in the environment while giving our pets a comfortable place to rest.”

Molly Meow cat duvets start at $20, and the DIY Kits, including two cat duvets and one “stuff sack” are $50. For more information about Molly Meow, please visit

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    Molly Mutt and Molly Meow Duvets — PetLvr Blog For Pet Lovers: Well, I don't know where the statistics come from i…

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    Molly Mutt and Molly Meow Duvets — PetLvr Blog For Pet Lovers

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    Molly Mutt and Molly Meow Duvets — PetLvr Blog For Pet Lovers: Well, I don't know where the statistics come from i…

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