Miracle on Cauliflower Lane (Pet-Smart Prank Call)

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


YouTube Description

Jared prank calls a Pet smart and says his hamster had babies. The fans on Twitter and facebook wanted us to post the FULL UNCUT video 🙂 Even though it is 30 minutes long I know you will enjoy it 😉 HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! www.FridayNightCranks.com

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. taylorWuZHeres
    | Reply

    call 2565973467 please ikn the name of god

  2. sk8erangel20
    | Reply

    “wait till you see my ooohhh, wait till you see my ooohhh.” hahahahha.

  3. sk8erangel20
    | Reply

    *whisper..whisper* “OHHHMYY!!! AHH!!! I almost stepped on one.” Hahahahah.

  4. Killinemdead1
    | Reply

    this is retarded wasting peoples time

  5. fbiseyal
    | Reply

    That really offends me when u said……..what r u a muslim

  6. Darkorbit21
    | Reply


  7. Darkorbit21
    | Reply


  8. JessieBell301
    | Reply

    do i have to put one on my shoulder and burp it

  9. 101gamecock
    | Reply

    @fbiseyal No one cares.

  10. FunnyFlirtTalks
    | Reply


  11. fbiseyal
    | Reply

    @101gamecock shut up……….u would call urself a cock…..101gamecock

  12. 101gamecock
    | Reply

    @fbiseyal It’s a sports team fag.

  13. fbiseyal
    | Reply

    @101gamecock then i guess the whole team are cocks….like u

  14. 101gamecock
    | Reply

    @fbiseyal No there not, shouldn’t you be kneeling to the “allah” pussy?

  15. fbiseyal
    | Reply

    @101gamecock why dont u come to my face and say that and i’ll beat the crap out of u

  16. starena22
    | Reply

    da hamsta had some babehs

  17. 101gamecock
    | Reply

    @fbiseyal I doubt that. I don’t hate on other religions but, Gadhafi (Libyan leader) is a muslim and he says That we have the “devil” on our side and the “allah” on their side. And I hate that man for making us go to war. He is a sick human being.

  18. fbiseyal
    | Reply

    @101gamecock look Allah means god in another language…..i believe the same thing u do except we beleive that Jesus is not god but he was a messanger of God and i dont know who Gadhafi is

  19. pedobearnumber1
    | Reply

    noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hu hu hu hu nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooead mam mam i think its dead mam i think its dead lol XD priceless

  20. 101gamecock
    | Reply

    @fbiseyal Well, ok. If you don’t know who Gadhafi is, look at cnn, we’re (USA) going to war with Libya

  21. fbiseyal
    | Reply

    @101gamecock yeah im american to i’m only 14 so i dont really watch the news 2 often……

  22. MeaganDay2559
    | Reply

    lolz thts fricken funny i died laughing im addicted 2 there videos i love watching them TWO THUMBS UP OUT OF TWO THUMBS LOLZ 😀

  23. DaughterxOfxBlaze
    | Reply

    1:40 “oookkkaaayyy”

  24. invader0524
    | Reply

    That was a lovely prayer :’)

  25. xXDancerChick54Xx
    | Reply

    It Had Seven Behbehy hamstas
    You buy 1 it gives birth 2 seven! xD
    I Love YOU!!!!!!!!!! 😀

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