Minipan shows off her guinea pig tricks Minipan is my baby and she is so smart!

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35 Responses

  1. TheLovelyVB
    | Reply

    Oh Minipan you’re so adorable!

  2. Deep kaur
    | Reply

    aww how cute! she is so smart to! i have a guinea pig to that i’m trying to train to do those tricks to!!:D/XD/:p

  3. Eve Bainbridge
    | Reply

    minipan is amazing please can u post some videos up how to make them stand my guinea pig petal just wont do any of that but she can do lots of tricks mine is so adorible thank you xx

  4. Eve Bainbridge
    | Reply

    its cute i bet it could do better than any guineaq pig u can get but my guinea pig is adorible sahe is called petal and she can do lots and lots of tricks

  5. Jennifer Addo
    | Reply

    my guinea pig is too fat and lazy to do all that

  6. Silah Mae
    | Reply


  7. Nate Carson
    | Reply


  8. Nate Carson
    | Reply

    wait i’m better from this vid i have a guinea pig her name is sheila she playz happy wheels

  9. Nate Carson
    | Reply

    so much coca i wish my girlfriend was here

  10. Nate Carson
    | Reply

    lolz it’s da day avter halloween and i is coca drunk

  11. Jenna Grinvalds
    | Reply

    She looks like my piggie!!!!! His name is Patch b/c he has a patch over his eye!!!

  12. Amy Griffiths
    | Reply

    I can learn alot from this as i have just bought my guinea pig, Fudge.

  13. JesusIsTheSavior7777
    | Reply


  14. meggie5461
    | Reply

    cute! 🙂

  15. WarrantChen
    | Reply

    She will make good snake food one day.

  16. Kevin S
    | Reply

    that was really cool! but i noticed the video was posted five years ago- i sincerely hope that minipan is still with you.

  17. CoolKitCat123
    | Reply

    AMAZING how did you train
    Her to do that? Super cute BTW!

  18. Gymnast0855
    | Reply

    What an adorable little piggie!!!

  19. Jason Sousa
    | Reply

    awww so cute and

    at 1:00

    Minipan:ahhhhh this is so good let me just sleep zzzzzzzzz -wakes up- HEY WHY YOU WAKE ME UP

    lol not meant to offence if i did i love that guinea pig

  20. owais11384
    | Reply


  21. Marco M.
    | Reply

    That’s a cute ass guineasouruous Rex hahaha

  22. NeoKhalel1
    | Reply

    You don’t have to say that in that attitude!!! >:-(

  23. sonhando2
    | Reply

    Awwwwwwwwwwwww! Minipan is such a cute and adorable piggie! Your pig looks like Manini my cute guinea pig!

  24. John Jones
    | Reply

    super cute

  25. SheldonHowie
    | Reply

    Great tricks!

  26. SheldonHowie
    | Reply

    Super cute guinea pig!

  27. LucyLovettLestrange
    | Reply

    How did you come up with the name Minipan?

  28. Nicky HippyPixy
    | Reply

    Hi everyone,

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    I have made a few music videos in HD of snow, mountains, dolphins, wildlife etc that I filmed in Scotland.

    I’m not professional but I promise you won’t be disappointed !

    Thanks, Nicky x

  29. SubzeroKombat
    | Reply

    Great job what a smart little guinea pig! Thank you for living me a nice start into my workday ;0)

  30. lisa82165
    | Reply

    She is sooooo cute

  31. stereolife91
    | Reply

    You’ve done a good job! Really cute. 🙂

  32. reserved4heaven
    | Reply

    One happy guinea pig

  33. 77bieber77
    | Reply

    i would enjoy the video better if the pigs name wasnt minipan

  34. Guineapigluv777
    | Reply

    my guinea pigs can only do the up trick 😛

  35. Sythe Kenzie
    | Reply

    pig in the mud?…ok.

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