Mental enrichment for your ferret!

I like to keep Joey’s mind active! Here are some ways I have found to enrich his mind.
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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D

18 Responses

  1. Foxy 5150
    | Reply

    He is so smart!!!

  2. honey bun
    | Reply

    I don’t actually like ferrets but he’s cute. It’s sad that he has heart problems though.

  3. Makiyah Adams
    | Reply

    What is a safe amount of treats to give ferrets a day because someone told me they should only have like 10% of treats compared to their diet a month and im not sure what is correct

  4. Maga Gene H
    | Reply

    That’s cool little puzzle but ferrets are capable of doing much more advanced puzzles tbh.

  5. sicsempertyrannis7
    | Reply

    Do your ferrets ever bite or dog into the inside of your elbows?

  6. Maga Gene H
    | Reply

    My ferrets are completely uncaged they use the litter box and are free to roam my apartment at all times. Have had my first one for over a year and the second for almost 5 months. Honestly the second one was way easier to train because she just followed the first one around and picked up on the way things were done from watching her older sister

  7. yEEt
    | Reply

    Love you Joey! 💞😋😍

  8. Yen !
    | Reply

    I hope Joey gets better (if hopefully its possible) also, What a cutie! I also have a ferret, they are adorable creatures!!

  9. Sapphire
    | Reply

    Thank you for this video! I was just talking about mental enrichment with my husband. We've started hiding treats in a bunched-up tee-shirt. We also recently purchased some Hide-a-Squirrel toys to hide treats in, and they just arrived today. We're going to get a snuffle mat from Amazon, and then we want to take a look at other enrichment puzzle toys in person. I definitely want to ensure our girls aren't bored!

  10. Maria Bruno
    | Reply

    Yay been waiting for an upload!

  11. veridae
    | Reply

    Thanks for sharing, Courtney! Great to see Joey getting some mental stimulation and fun!

  12. welshwizard822
    | Reply

    Who on earth have given the single thumbs down. Obviously not from this earth. Great vid and info as always

  13. All Things Paper
    | Reply

    Awwww joeyyyy!!!

  14. That Introvert
    | Reply

    He’s like, “Get this plastic thing outta here, I want my treat!”

  15. chattingcat
    | Reply

    Great job, Joey! He's SO cute.

  16. BlacktheMew
    | Reply

    How old is Joey? And also why don't you upload as often 🙁

  17. Jayden Waters
    | Reply

    I love your vids I just recently lost my pet ferret (he passed away ) but I still love your vids so keep up the good work

  18. Dressedcow87354
    | Reply

    One of my ferret’s tail is slightly lifted off the ground unlike my other ferret. Is this something to be concerned about?

    Btw this was an adorable vid!!

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