Meet My Fuzzy Buddy – Giol

This is a guest post from my friend Brigid from Blog Catalog who is the author and artist of Mary Quite Contrary (MQC) and just happens to be quite the “BunnyLvr” 😀

Meet Giol Everybody!

This is my fuzzy buddy, Giol … a rabbit with floppy ears but the coat of a wild bunny.

He has a hutch, but I usually let him hop around the apartment, lounge under tables, or curl up behind the toilet, whatever he’s in the mood for.

Funny thing, he hasn’t destroyed the carpet yet. Not only does he not dig much, but he’s also very good about going in his litter box. He only had one accident outside it. That’s also when I discovered that he could fit in the little space under my desk drawers. Thank goodness for vinegar and paper towers.

Did I say only one accident? There were a few others but not at my apartment. It was the first time I’d brought him to visit my folks and he decided to make a big mess near Dad’s chair, another near the cabinets, and another near Dad’s chair. Other than that he behaved very well. I can’t really blame him for it, either, it was a new place and I suspect he was marking territory. Dad is a male, after all. Ah, the joys of having an intact male pet.

My first pet, in fact. He’s teaching me a lot. Like the wisdom of waking up in good time to feed him. He’ll grab the hutch door with his teeth and bang away until I ooze out of bed to feed him. He does the same thing when he wants let out of the hutch and when the water bottle runs out.

He also taught me to keep what I don’t want chewed well off the floor. A lesson that also applies to visits to my folks. The latest trip resulted in a missing number 4 from my little sister’s calculator. Whether or not Giol actually ate it is up to debate. There wasn’t anything odd about his poop but the missing button hasn’t been located either.

Another important lesson is the importance of leafy greens in the diet. No calculators! I only give Giol pellets first thing in the morning. The rest of the day’s food is made up of fresh vegies and sometimes fruit. He *loves* mint. He practically inhales it!

He loves food in general, too. Every time I open the fridge he’s right there digging at the vegetable drawer or trying to pull the celery bag out. It’s easy to tell when he’s expecting a treat because he’ll follow me around like a puppy or sit in front of the fridge. He knows where food comes from! If I’m eating, he insists on eating, too, usually by hopping around my feet and batting at my knees. Where does he put it all? I’ve gotten him to stand up to reach food so at least he gets a little excercise out of it.

Not that he isn’t active. There are so few pictures of him because he won’t sit still for the camera! Sometimes he’ll be lounging like a little fuzzy loaf and then suddenly he’ll tear across the room and back again binkying all the way.

The first time I saw him binky I almost had a heart attack. I thought he was going into convulsions! Not only was it so random, but the twisting and shaking seemed more like spasms than happy dancing. Now I understand it and even try to join in. At which point he usually stops and looks at me like I’ve lost my mind.

One last note about my little pal. He’s a rescue from the Humane Society. I don’t know much about his history but I do know he was scared stiff when I first met him. Cats were staring at him, dogs were barking all around him, the poor little guy was a nervous wreck! He bit me a few times while at the Humane Society and the lady there asked if I still wanted him. Of course I did! He only bit because he was scared and didn’t know what else to do. He’s calmed down a lot in the few months I’ve had him. Now he only bites by accident when he mistakes my fingers for the carrot I’m feeding him.

My name is Naomi aka Brigid and I’m the author and artist of Mary Quite Contrary (MQC). MQC follows the life story of Mary, a girl much like myself about 12 years ago. In fact, the vast majority of the events in the strip are based on actual events in my life. It updates every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. My other two blogs are The Jumbled Contents of Brigid’s Brain, a random collection of thoughts and discoveries that updates sporadically; and Paralleling Normal, a discussion of paranormal events that updates even more sporadically. Pictures with a copyright mark on them were taken by my Dad, Brian, of Through One Dad’s Eye.

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3 Responses

  1. HART (1-800-HART)
    | Reply

    Thanks Brigid! I like that picture of Giol helping himself to some food in the fridge hehe

  2. Norski
    | Reply

    Good to see Giol in the blogosphere! As Brigid’s father, and the fellow whose chair Giol sat under, I’m biased.

    He is a cute rabbit, though.

    Even better, now that he isn’t, ah, marking the floor around me.

  3. HART (1-800-HART)
    | Reply

    Well, pictures always makes the story better 🙂 It’s always nice to see cute rabbits trying to lift weights and exercise.

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