Meet Baby Sophie – Our 2nd Papillon

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Here is a picture of Sophie, our youngest and second-born 😀 … This picture was taken just one day after the Papillon Stork made us proud parents once again! The day after we returned from our Honeymoon in September 2002.

from HART’s computer

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  1. HART
    | Reply

    Hmm.. an interesting concept for NEW bloggers and visitors. In’s help section, they recommend Picasa2 and “Hello” software. What it basically can do is sort all your pictures and video and other items on your computer into thumbnails, and with a push of a button “B” (like the one on your google toolbar) the program asks for a caption and ‘voila’ the image is uploaded directly to the blog.It doesn’t look that pretty, but it’s a lot neater than me doing the coding and linking and all that. I wonder how long it will be saved? Hmmmmmm.. But, at least there should be more pictures more often.HART

  2. HART
    | Reply

    Memo: I went into the settings and edited the above post to include a subject line, underlined. I can live with that.

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