Me training my ferret, Nuki, to sit on my shoulder

Was bored one night so I decided to teach Nukii, my ferret, to sit on my shoulders! She hasn’t learned to climb up her self yet but, she doesn’t seem to mind being up there. Sometimes she even falls asleep in the hood of my sweatshirt!

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D


  1. That's soooo cool! How u can teach her to do that?? :)

  2. how did you teacher her,to jump or climbed up.I teach my cats jump on my shoulder, but I'm trying to see if there like cats.

  3. My ferret would jump off y shoulder and run!! LOL she is to hyper

  4. Lol my Jills to hyper active for that… she barely sits still out of the cage and the hob preffers to sleep like a baby in my arms… then complains when i have to move around to stop the jill from getting on the dining table… he even tells her off when i pick her up lol

  5. The Only Girl In The Room says:

    Nuki is so beautiful!

  6. Aw! My ferret used to do that! And I would walk everywhere with her like that! :)

  7. Andrew Bartlett says:

    Is that really considered training or just putting her/him on your shoulder feeding him treats?

  8. KiKiPiM NeunG says:

    Ahh lovely ^^

  9. il est tous mimi votre furet!!!!

  10. Jennifer jeroe says:

    duckeyofawesomeness, he is WAY HOT huh

  11. Jennifer jeroe says:

    Cute ferret and cute owner!!!

  12. Yeah, I don't give her the yogurt chips any more.. (that's me in the vid, new user name) When I did, I would break them up into really small pieces and give only one or two.

  13. the little kissing sound you made during the video is what i do to get my ferrets attention!!!! usually she`ll go up to my face and lick it

  14. out of my three, only one will sit still long enough…lemmy is a suck…beatrix and miles are too busy to sit still and they know i'll catch them

  15. great now i have to get a ferret

  16. Pfff. I have a beautiful, sexual adventurous wife and I STILL love porn.

  17. Hayden Hopson says:

    @fievel2680 Any dairy product is terrible for ferrets

  18. We didn't have to train any of ours to do that but they would decide where their stop was and crawl down our backs I miss those guys. try putting her in the marsupial of a pull over hoodie.

  19. my ferret automatic jumps on me.

  20. I trained my ferret to sit on my shoulder with out a hoodie or hood

  21. oh, my gosh. she's so adorable.

  22. XxQueenOfHeartzxX says:

    Thought all ferrets did tht automatically.. Mine does, and she sleeps in my hood.. She hates taking walks where her feet actually have to plant the ground.. LOL!!

  23. i never traind mine to do that…she climbed on my shoulder and sit there :)

  24. i trained my ferret to give me kisses

  25. How Cute! I used to have a little siver mitt named Diva. She would travel in the hood of my sweatshirt all the time. I'd go around with the pink leash connected to her harness dangling from my hood and draped over my shoulder. Great conversation starter.

  26. Ferret Fangirl! says:

    My ferret Misaki climbs up my leg and automatically wanted to ride on my shoulder so I didn't even know you really had to train them. What other tricks can he do?

  27. MusicManiaacify says:

    Give me your ferret!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. @LuvMyChemRomance They are in the same animal "family" and thus look very similar. The ferret is a domesticated cousin of the polecat.

  29. @huttylion gf + porn = new ideas

  30. Lily Blackshaw says:

    thats not a ferret thats a polcat ?

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