Maxxie's Not Feeling Too Good

Suddenly, on Saturday afternoon .. our Papillon 1st Born Child “Maxxie” couldn’t jump up on the bed. He tried to jump onto the bed, where we have a chair at the foot of it, but couldn’t jump high enough for the chair and fell back. That was the first time we noticed something, because he has not even whimpered a little squeel or bark or growl to show he is in pain.

We thought that it might have just been a mis-jump and hitting the chair just happened, like other stuff that happens. But on Sunday, it was worse. Not only would he not jump onto our bed at night, he wouldn’t jump on the couches downstairs and watch us eat, and he was reluctant to even go up and down the stairs. I was playing the “wooden-eh-tick” game and giving him a good rub down and massage and checking for ticks, when I first heard his cry when I touched the side, just by his lower back. From then on he was shaking.

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