Maxxie Is Out And In Good Spirits

We took Maxxie out of his 14 day isolation stay in his Kennel last Thursday evening around supper time. If you weren’t aware, he suddenly was unable to stand on his hind two feet and was diagnosed with Canine Degenerative Disc Disease.

If I could quantify into a percentage of how well his recovery went .. I would guestimate that he has about 60% feeling in his hind left paw and about 35% feeling in his hind right paw. When in a stance mode, if you flip his paw backwards, he will immediately correct it. But, it’s very slow walking up steps and dangerous walking down them. The other day, Sophie was in the bedroom and started barking when a courier arrived at my door and rang the bell .. and got Maxxie excited. He tried to run down the first set of stairs in the hallway and nearly fell down the whole stairs!

However, he’s a great dog and although he will wait a few secs to see if we will carry him up and down the stairs, he will certainly try to struggle it on his own with a smile. We think he’s getting better every day, but last night he started to arch his back a little more than usual – and we found pee in the house. I guess he’s still hurting from his first attempt to run down the stairs! I have been carrying him down the stairs every time .. and up the stairs every second time (at least for another week). He can’t jump up on the bed, and although we have lifted him up on the bed .. we have decided to ban him from couches and beds as we don’t want any undue pressure jumping down on his front paws giving some vibrations to his spinal area.



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