Marmot chowing on a biscuit=cutest little furry bastard ever!

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

Thanks for ****SUBSCRIBING****Follow me on Facebook: Want more funny videos Link’s Below: Squirrel chowing on Large nuts=Cutest little furry critter ever! Dont ever argue with an ibex! I forgot to upload this awhile ago Oopss Oh well here he is My Friend’s Marmot Eating a wafer : ) *Original video*

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. bunnycakes011508
    | Reply

    So cute! I want him!

  2. karenelisu
    | Reply

    Dear Lord. This looks like me! Time to go on a diet. But really, it’s just too cute. wonder if they stink?

  3. carolineleahy11
    | Reply

    omg i wud luv 1 of dem

  4. Zaddelin
    | Reply


  5. tyetygon
    | Reply

    lol!! all he needs now is a tv remote and a beer!! lol!!!

  6. iraqilynn
    | Reply

    Whoever disliked this video has no heart!! Just look at him!! It’s like all the cuteness in the world was put in a 1:04 minute video!

  7. Akind0fN3rd
    | Reply

    that is Mac Donalds’ mascot wauw!

  8. whorku
    | Reply

    he’s just bulking up for some wrestling, u go little bastard!

  9. killer4t7
    | Reply

    co za asy…

  10. iamtrash123
    | Reply

    now thats a real life snorlax

  11. kodatastical
    | Reply


  12. TehMawnsterr
    | Reply


  13. bietchxxx
    | Reply

    Only in America u find a morbidly obese rodent

  14. ThomasDaDood
    | Reply

    wtf is that thing?

  15. narufan3
    | Reply

    does he have diabetes?

  16. Eemilp
    | Reply

    cute :D:D

  17. TheOZZAR
    | Reply

    I wouldent call it A little bastard

  18. spiritusgut
    | Reply

    Anyone who owns such a creature has GOT to be a PLAYER.

  19. klonkrieger43
    | Reply

    Relaxo in reality

  20. pamibaes
    | Reply

    Que linda!!!

  21. brendens0000hotmail
    | Reply

    Mormot??? wtf is THAT!???

  22. TheBlackYoshie
    | Reply

    look at that little bastard go….wait…where the hell are my gram crackers…..oh that son of a bitch…

  23. 00eerr11kkk
    | Reply

    co za asy

  24. wogges
    | Reply

    salatschleuder verschluckt!

  25. HolyKaboom
    | Reply


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