mama cat comes to rescue her little kitten

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought it would be of interest!

Note: information from YouTube

pets animals cats kittens fun

Please … If you think this video is not appropriate nor related to pet adoption and rescue .. please let HART know via the Contact form. Thank-You

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25 Responses

  1. pastulioxx1

    @tiaree972 no one is forcing you to read my comment. I’m just writing out my opinion, which is what everyone else is doing here. if you don’t like it. too bad.

  2. pastulioxx1

    eberyone’s reply to me here is much worse than what I said about the cats. you people are sick!!!!

  3. flyingace1212

    guys the kitty is turning because shes nevous a little

  4. Nintendo645222

    @TheEMONESS10 THATS HIGH-LARRYOUS but there so CUTE!ummmmmm did i just say that….. im gonna go to the doctor.

  5. KezNezzxDexKlutz

    @dramaqueeninator excactly! i can’t believe some people are lacking simple common sense!

  6. DasFrettchen95

    so cute *________*

  7. Moofans


  8. TheEMONESS10

    @Nintendo645222 lol 🙂

  9. AmandacooL8

    @tiaree972 RIGHT ON! i love kitties.

  10. bltnxkrw

    @pastulioxx1 @pastulioxx1 somehow i find it very ironic that you call other people sick for replying to you the same way you said about the cats. oh and i hope you end up dying a very painfull and horrible death because you are such a useless living being and this is just my opinion so if you dont like it, too bad.

  11. ImaniL8

    @dramaqueeninator in their cat’s cradles, duhhhh =P

  12. cutesuicune

    awww so cute and by the way people kittens have alot of extra skin around the neck so thats why my mama cat held her kitten that way so the kitten is fine

  13. solensdatter2

    @TheEMONESS10 Don’ think +600 people thought that, but the video was just a normal behavour of a mother cat…what was the point?…boring…nothing special…that’s why some disliked it.

  14. Tutiflip

    omg that is so awesome that she came and carried it away. were u sad when it was gone?

  15. KmanAvenger

    nom nom nom

  16. jacknages

    @Rawbex god your an idiot…

  17. jacknages

    @yoyozippy its just how they carry them they have extra skin is that area just 4 the purpose

  18. Rawbex

    @jacknages Lol xD!! Someone doesn’t understand internet sarcasm :P.

  19. ChakaGon


  20. SprinklesHorse85


  21. dahbomb48


  22. BraveStorms

    Baby Kitten: Mama WTF is that camera thingy!

  23. TWISTER33885

    @TheEMONESS10 wow those people must be dumb

  24. kittygalore55

    Mama cat at 0:59 is wrestling her kitten

  25. Jake

    This is such a cute video. Shows how much a mother cat cares for her young. She was probably on the other side of the room when she picked up on that quiet crying. Even though I know that she is just carrying the kitten, it still kind of freaks me out when I watch them do that.