Maltese Dog – Training And Understanding The Breed

Maltese Dog – Training And Understanding The Breed

By Sagi Venkata Ramana

The Maltese dog is one of the smaller breeds of dogs. This cute looking dog makes for a great pet. It has a long fur coat and is usually white in color. This breed is also highly intelligent and adorable. Like the Chihuahua the Maltese dog is generally seen amongst the rich and the powerful.

The Maltese dog is small and sturdy. The dog usually weighs between 6 to 7 pounds. The small size of this breed makes it vulnerable to attacks and injuries.

The dog is believed to be in existence for centuries and evidence suggests that this breed was first seen in China. The Maltese dog is believed to be the favored pet of the Ming dynasty.

This particular breed of dog is very convenient to keep as a pet for people who live in flats and small apartments. This dog is also a very good at socializing. However the small size makes it very vulnerable to injuries particularly from children. Due to its diminutive size, the children tend to play with it and sometimes even trample on it, which can lead to major injuries. Therefore on has to be very careful while keeping this breed as pets.

The Maltese is a small dog, which makes it ideal as an escort dog. The long fluffy single coat hair makes the dog adorable. The hair does not fall and this aspect endears the breed to a wide range of owners. People with allergies can keep this dog as a pet safely.

The dog is quite intelligent and picks up basic commands very easily. The long white fur needs regular care and cleaning. Use shampoo to keep the fur clean and health. A shampoo specially designed for use on white hair would be ideal.

The Maltese dog likes to play a lot. Therefore it is advisable to keep the dog outdoors for some time every day. The dog also enjoys outdoors and the sun a lot. So keep all this in mind before choosing you pet. The Maltese dog should not be left alone in the outdoors as larger dogs could maul it.

Like with all pets, the Maltese dog also loves a lot of attention and company. This small dog is a great hit among people and particularly at dog shows and exhibitions. So keep all these factors in mind before choosing this particular breed. Once you bring it home, you can be sure a wonderful pet which is a source of constant joy and entertainment.

Venkata Ramana is a maltese dog Lover since childhood. Also Visit his Boxer Dog website and discover how you can make boxer dog the happiest, loving dog alive, Running healthily with you.

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