MAD TV- Stuart at the Pet Store

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

funny video of stuart… comments please

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. watwatno000000
    | Reply

    1:52 and 2:18 XD HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA lET ME DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. tiner1891hkr
    | Reply

    look what i can do

  3. haileyer22
    | Reply

    Mr. Pips tried to kill me!
    haha – perfection!

  4. steeloscarman
    | Reply

    wasnt the pet lady miss swan

  5. MKPwner1
    | Reply

    He rejected me! that was freakin the best part

  6. GuMmIBeAr2396
    | Reply

    @steeloscarman Yeaa Ittz Her

  7. mrmatthew12323
    | Reply

    : look what i can do!
    *puts rat on her head* *screems like getting raped*

  8. johnnyrocket03
    | Reply

    i don’t have a pet rat i have a boa constructer and i feed it live rats isnt that cool.
    dooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon’t.and beat’s him to the pulp.
    hahahahahahaha omg.

  9. TheDarkregicide
    | Reply

    she played ms.swan

  10. sillygrl23
    | Reply

    lol the best skits are always ones with animals because with actors you can expect them to do something funny according to thier lines or routine but with animals its just a suprise waiting to happen 🙂

  11. holybarbiepoop
    | Reply

    hahaha to funny

  12. rosariovampire96
    | Reply


  13. AAL284
    | Reply


  14. TotalGraffiti
    | Reply

    ” I have a pet snake and i feed him rats, cool huh?” “WWWWAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!”

  15. DreBreeze7
    | Reply

    He rejected me Lmfao

  16. zoosteful
    | Reply

    “i don’t wanna say…i dont wan…I DONT!…I DONT WANNA SAY!” “Stewart, say it!” “The neighbors dog pooped on the bed.” “That’s RIGHT stewart!!!!!”

  17. ShittyGarfunk
    | Reply

    “mr bipps tried to kill me” lol!!!!!!!

  18. lizzarddlyy
    | Reply

    4 people were rejected….

  19. CarsonWayneM
    | Reply

    it means he likes me if he goes poo on me XD

  20. KDluvers227
    | Reply

    Where is Mr. Pips gogo

  21. KDluvers227
    | Reply

    Where is Mr. Pips gogo?

  22. xXAmoLuuzerXx
    | Reply

    lol @ 5:35

  23. CardsUpMySleeve
    | Reply

    Mr. Pibbs tried to kill me…

  24. awesome100able
    | Reply

    Look what i can do!

  25. awesome100able
    | Reply


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