Love’s Labour’s Tossed — Dear Tipi #17

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

Love’s Labour’s Tossed — Dear Tipi #17 Tipi answers questions from viewers about having a crush on your best friend and whether she would be interested in other male cats besides Tuck and Boots. The answers might surprise you. Tipi is a character from the popular “Cat Clips” series…

What do you think?

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  1. TheReybooyaka619 says:


  2. TheReybooyaka619 says:

    and it was might , typo

  3. I’ll bet Tipi will have a ton of videos to go through! This is gonna be good!

  4. IStandForIsrael says:

    @ScoobyHubby They get along, mostly. It took 9 months for Tundra and Munchkin to come to an agreement to tolerate each other. I’m disappointed that two of the girls we kept from Munchkin’s litter don’t get along better – they tend to avoid each other, but occasionally they will hiss and swat and it’s not in a playful way. None of them are happy about Decker, but she will, hopefully, be getting a new home this month.

  5. LMAO!! Tipi is shopping? Hoo boy, that’s gonna stir up some drama, especially when she starts reviewing candidates.

  6. ScoobyHubby says:

    @RockyBDemilleFan — Looking forward to seeing it.

  7. ScoobyHubby says:

    @OhGodIPooed — Might be a good reason to get a new one…NOW…heh, heh….

  8. ScoobyHubby says:

    @Tray711 — I hope so. She can be very picky, you know.

  9. ScoobyHubby says:

    @anmoose — What’s a little more drama to add to the mix, right?

  10. Cass123me says:

    hi tipi i have a black cat like trey but with blue eyes he lives in hollywood but he dose not me to get to presonl he looks like tarloy lautern

  11. ScoobyHubby says:

    @Cass123me — Hmm…a cat that looks like Taylor Lautner? Does he also turn into a werewolf?

  12. he only truns into a werewofl for the ladys and when someone needs help

  13. @ScoobyHubby
    As soon as I can figure out how to put videos from my phone up. ;3

  14. ibsunnysha says:

    I love her expressions when she rants…How did you get her to do that?? I almost fell out of my chair (I better fasten my seat belt next time! )

  15. ScoobyHubby says:

    @ibsunnysha — Tipi is quite expressive. Which is probably why she wants to become an actress so badly.

  16. Maaaaan I hope this Tipi’s Dating Game will come soon so and ofcourse I hope Moortje will be chosen!

  17. ScoobyHubby says:

    @Sem1329 — Hopefully in the next few weeks, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

  18. Hi Tipi, My name is Puss.I just added two video responses,(Flirty Puss, and Cat with sprinkles) because I wanted to show you two sides of my personality. The flirty side and in the case of the sprinkle fiasco…my patient side. A date with me? EPIC WIN!

  19. Hi Tipi,Puss again. My owner loves me so much, and has so many videos of me, that picking just one or two is impossible. So, I’ve picked a third to send (I lick ur presents) This one shows that basically everything my owners have belong to me. And i’ll be happy to share it all with you. Head bonks to you tipi, my love!

  20. ScoobyHubby says:

    @soskuie — Thanks for posting and participating in the game. Good luck!

  21. Prepony181 says:

    i forget how to send a video response so please just watch my newest video for the contest entry.

  22. Prepony181 says:

    Hey Tipi, i’m Howard and I have left 2 video responses and i think you are very pretty and i hope that you choose us.if you do i’m sure my owner,Prepony181,would be very happy!

  23. Sandstripe1 says:

    dear tipi, wat song that you have heard do u think appeals to u the most?

  24. kalbuzzero says:

    it would be great if there was an opening for Tipi’s new best friend, then my cat Mia could enter 🙂

  25. @ScoobyHubby hey tipi what would you do if a female cat come to the house and tuck and boots started to pay more intsreted to than you ?

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