Littlest Pet Shop Idol (Episode #1)

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

The judges spend so much time arguing that only one contestant actually gets the chance to sing! If you haven’t watched some of my other videos, this may not be as funny because you have to understand the characters. Please read: You may feel free to make your own LPS Idol because I’m not the first person to have made one; however, please do NOT use the logo I worked very hard making. Thank you!

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. chiclet1100
    | Reply

    lol oh my golly goshness lol i love zac

  2. AmyDunx11
    | Reply

    you uploaded this on my birthday! xx

  3. ladyhotpink9100
    | Reply

    100 people cant sing

  4. animalsfun
    | Reply

    ok so the first two judges are from Crime solving idiots, as well as scamps the cricket then the next one is from littlest pet shop summer camp, “The Blond Chick” is from the LSP CSI with the bank robbery, the one who said ” oh and they had a hair dryer, lol, and the last one was in the second case of lsp CSI, he kidnapped many children, i know my facts

  5. superstar254l
    | Reply

    ya shut your face zac ( zack ) zach however u wanna spell

  6. turtledoo2
    | Reply

    was this how sage and brook got together!! lol

  7. alswinborneful
    | Reply

    dat’s so random!!!!lol!!

  8. LPSlittlestpetshops
    | Reply

    are you a partner on both of your channels?
    isnt there like a rule where you have to upload one video in a time limit? ive never applied for it but isnt sophiegtv your main channel so you arent going to post any vids on this account. wait, im confused…

  9. haleighaven
    | Reply

    lol! 🙂

  10. Riquis101
    | Reply

    101 people are fronting US muscel cakes!

  11. MsChaosWolf
    | Reply

    Stelthie killed Captin Crunch and that Rabbit from the Trix thing!!!

  12. NiteOwl770
    | Reply

    Alice- “Hey, Zack,”
    Zack- “Yes Alice?”
    Alice- “Shut your face.”
    Zack- “Okay Alice.”

    XD I cracked up at that! How did you manage to say it with a straight face? :]

  13. automoto
    | Reply

    u posted that a month after my bday : }

  14. mtmcguire1
    | Reply

    i saw the CSI thing and the cat said she missed doing the show and Stellcie was on the show but if Stellcie is a judge the show is real

  15. chelsdaviesd
    | Reply

    awww my mother is watching american idol and im watching lps idol

  16. littlemissblonde1231
    | Reply


    Take the Cherrios i hate those

  17. bbc4life49
    | Reply

    i love the pet shops

  18. huskypack6811
    | Reply

    Wasn’t zack sage in LPS popular?

  19. NataliaHomieGangster
    | Reply

    LOL i couldnt let her say the other word theres children watching! XD XD XD

  20. GangstaLuver101
    | Reply

    well my PERSONAL opinion is u should stick with popular srry its my opinion

  21. theLpsuperfan333
    | Reply

    OMG blondie is from CSI idk what episode she’s the one who told bailey and woodsen “the person who stole the stuff had a hairdryer” i blieve it’s her

  22. tketterhagen
    | Reply


  23. littlestpetshop569
    | Reply

    u used Brooklyn from lps popular as one of the juges

  24. MarineEverGreen
    | Reply

    @GangstaLuver101 What?! This was made WAAAYYYYY before Popular..

  25. MarineEverGreen
    | Reply

    @chelsdaviesd Lol, same here, but while me and my brother were watching American Idol, my little sister was watching this! x3

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