Litter Training Your Ferret

A demonstration with tips on litter training your ferret. Summary: -Use a large square pan. I like ones that lock onto the cage -Use a ferret safe litter. No…

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36 Responses

  1. Oneside Blade
    | Reply

    i love you!!!!, you help me alot

  2. Fractured Phoenix
    | Reply

    lol – hi percy don’t jump – next minute. LOL . my ambrosius does that to be
    too :)

  3. Patricia Trenchard
    | Reply

    great demonstration. I found your video very helpful and love the idea of
    putting the food water and bed in the other corners. Thanks for the tips.

  4. RandomUser043
    | Reply

    The thumbnail you see before watching this video looks like the litter pan
    is full of cheetos. Just sayin’

  5. Jelitza Macias
    | Reply

    Yes. Just cut down one side so that it makes it easier for the ferret to
    enter and exit the litter box. But you can’t use cat litter though 😛

  6. laurieleann63
    | Reply

    yep if you get playful w them then they are up longer, we play ball, rattle
    balls are a rave, of course I chase it more! We have a basket of toys Toby
    can get into on the floor and drag around to if he doesn’t want to play w
    me or Kyle. 90% of the time when we let him out he seeks us out to play! he
    gets all hyper and jumpy, he is funny to play with! you get what you give
    is what I was told by another ferret owner..

  7. laurieleann63
    | Reply

    we clean toby’s whole litter pan out and wash it about every 4 days. we use
    cell sorb pellets, { not the cat litter } we tried the marshells and it
    smelled after 2 days! we scoop poop everyday when ever we see it in the
    litter tray

  8. Jessica Camm
    | Reply

    Btw I subscribed

  9. victoria patterson
    | Reply

    is there a way to spend less money when you get the ferrets and supplies? i
    had 2 ferrets for 2 days and i think everything cost 400 or 600 dollars im
    geting 2 more ferrets soon…………………..pleese! respond

  10. natiana brown
    | Reply

    we all like you even haters watch

  11. Wade Roberts
    | Reply

    It is very funny when you talk about Wesley.

  12. whiskandbowl
    | Reply

    Thanks! I’m 21

  13. Aidan T.
    | Reply

    Is petco a good place to buy them I don’t care about the ferret mills but I
    care about if they die sooner or are healthy I cant get one from anywhere
    else 😕

  14. Jessica Camm
    | Reply

    You do not have a pet fox do you?!?!

  15. Jessica Camm
    | Reply

    Where did I get that cage?!?!

  16. jerobussio
    | Reply

    hey, how often should I clean my ferret’s litter? I know I’m supposed to
    clean it everyday, but I’m not sure as to what that cleaning refers, like
    should I take out poop with a scoop daily? or should I change the whole
    thing everyday?

  17. Jessica Camm
    | Reply

    Sorry I meant where did you get that cage

  18. whiskandbowl
    | Reply

    Aw, thank you!

  19. darren delafosse
    | Reply

    ya my ferret zoe a one and a half year old girl will do it any where in the
    house , i try to let her feel like she part of the family and can roam the
    house and i also have litter pans where she will try them but then goes
    every other place too. also having trouble getting her to use a bed she
    likes laying on the ground under a blanket .

  20. Bree Ha
    | Reply

    Omg! I love your cage! Where did you get it?

  21. jlair
    | Reply

    mine is very stubborn and will go on any flat surface even very small
    spaces! he would go in bedding and on food and under his water! I tried for
    weeks just watching him and placing him in the litter box/pan/ tons of
    money spent on stuff that didnt help. I tried pellets and newspaper and
    shredded newspaper and he would chew them! so i switched to a full bottom
    box with wood chips and its the only thing that works, he doesnt dig in it
    or eat it and goes in one side instead of everywhere. hes 2

  22. Gymnist311988
    | Reply

    Is something rong with my ferret she onley goes pody and dousent scoot her

  23. darren delafosse
    | Reply

    also all mine does is sleep she up about an hour and then sleep all day and
    night ..why

  24. whiskandbowl
    | Reply

    You’re so lucky! I wish we hard linoleum or hardwood floors. Alas, it’s all

  25. Helfirey
    | Reply

    Thanks – will give it a go 🙂

  26. Taffs Buddy
    | Reply

    Thanksnfor making your videos. Its a lot of help! I want to be a ferret
    owner. Where is the best place to get a ferret?

  27. Chloe Hope
    | Reply

    when i grow up im gonna have all sorts of pets and and my own farm on a big
    piece of land

  28. whiskandbowl
    | Reply

    Bad boys! Maybe try a different style of litter. You said he started
    playing in it when you went to pellets. Some ferrets don’t like the texture
    of pelleted litter. I believe Shwheat Scoop and Worlds Best cat litters are
    similar in texture to traditional litter, and might help. Puppy pads can
    also help cleanup while they’re still learning. I have to use them with
    Wesley now because he refuses to use the box. >:l

  29. Omnikat
    | Reply

    I thought she sounded familiar!

  30. whiskandbowl
    | Reply

    The litter I used in this video is woodstove pellets, which you can get
    from most hardware stores, and any place that sells woodstoves. I no longer
    use that type of litter, but have switched to paper pellet litter, which
    can be found at WalMart, Petco, and Petsmart

  31. allpetsforever92
    | Reply

    I am a new ferret owner and I really enjoy watching your videos!

  32. Gymnist311988
    | Reply

    Leap lol aforable

  33. dreamycat1
    | Reply

    My girl ferret ladybug used the litter box fine and when I got patron my
    boy he did to but now there both just goin everywhere we have 2 litter
    boxes and they ever go outside it or another corner I even put another
    fooddish there but they still do it what do I do

  34. whiskandbowl
    | Reply

    The litter I used in the video is woodstove pellets. I now use paper pellet
    litter like Yesterdays News or Exquisicat

  35. Discovered
    | Reply

    They get bored play’n w/same things. Switch’m out. Invent fun w/household
    things. Bucket w/packing peanuts/shredded paper/old/mail or socks different
    sizes/textures. Add 2/3 cutup (used) dryer sheets,they’ll smell pretty,
    Dryer tube like tunnels they build, Find hidden toys let’m rehide’m. Red
    rubber exer- cise band. Cut holes & doors in empty boxes/clean containers.
    Take’m out- side. Sandbox w/damp sand. Hide fav toys under clear plastic
    cups. Hacky sacks(check for holes). Deaf Ferret wake it.

  36. ZombieMasterEd25
    | Reply

    i just buyt a 25lbs sack of Kaytee Wood Pellets Litter are these any good
    the sack was 20.00

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