Litter training your ferret

This is just a how to video to train your ferret to use its little box.

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17 Responses

  1. x_ella.watson_x
    | Reply

    why do you call your ferret a little stinker?

  2. Shayne 101
    | Reply

    Bedding in the cage is not good for ferrets it makes the cage smell more and there is dust in the bedding so it can cause them to sneeze a lot

  3. Chevybay26
    | Reply

    Thank you for the help I just got a baby ferret and I just wanted to train her to use a litter pan so she goes in one spot and I don't have to worry about her going everywhere and the bedding lasts longer.

  4. Saxxy Whips
    | Reply

    That is EXACTLY like my ferrets' old cage! I have 2, so I got one that's like… 4 times the size, but they love it!

  5. GeminiTV
    | Reply

    Thts a really small cage for a ferret. But I bet you let him run around a lot so thats good :3

  6. Fashionsimmer
    | Reply

    Can I have that cage

  7. Fashionsimmer
    | Reply

    Can I have that cage

  8. sinlapse13
    | Reply

    Ferrets are used for hunting in the UK to kill rabbits bigger than house cats. They are capable of killing them, they just choose not too.

  9. Kiana White
    | Reply

    Wow. I never knew. Thanks girl☺. U rok

  10. Cindy Smith
    | Reply

    your ferret is cute

  11. Cindy Smith
    | Reply

    zeus just knocked those kind of litter pans of the shelf
    ZEUS: im not using that crap *knocks litter pan of shelf*
    ZEUS AND KODA: sorry mom
    ME: mom!!
    MOM: yes?
    ME: look what zeus & koda did!!
    MOM: ya, we are not using cheep cat litter anymore…while your on the computer look up how to litter train ferrets
    ME: im not cleaning that up
    MOM:next time koda and zeus well feed you to the gator in our back yard

    thank you for helping

  12. Cindy Smith
    | Reply

    my ferrets are trouble makers yesterday they broke a part of of there cage and we had to duck tape it

  13. Cindy Smith
    | Reply

    mine just has wheels and a tube for the second story my ferrets dont like this video

  14. Cindy Smith
    | Reply

    do you just have one or two

  15. Cindy Smith
    | Reply

    i have that same ferret cage!

  16. ThePet Shop
    | Reply

    I Dnt Have My Ferret Yet But , This Is Some Really Good Advice And I Am Getting A Baby Ferret Also Yours Is Adorable ( :

  17. MamaTasha09
    | Reply

    No def not true! If anything the cat would eat the ferret. Ferrets are known for eating small rodents, such as mice, rats, etc..Its their nature. But not cats. If you get a baby ferret training them to get along w your kitten cat or dog would be wise if you want them to play together. You have to your own judgement. Like i would never let my dogs and ferrets plays my dogs would eat her!

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