Litter Training For Rats

I received a few requests to do a video on how I litter trained my rats, so here it is! And by the way, the litter is Sun Seed Fresh World Bedding (I had to …

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D

32 Responses

  1. Jessica Delage
    | Reply

    I have 5 female rats (now almost 12 weeks old).
    I got them at about 6 weeks and litter training is not working.
    I tried the putting all the poop in the litter box but it was impossible.
    My rats poop everywhere (including in the litter box, in hammocks, on
    igloo, etc).
    I have a double critter nation cage and every level gets covered in poop,
    I’ve even found poop in their food bowl.

  2. Juan Urquidi
    | Reply

    What kind of rats are they ??! 

  3. Araya Bishir
    | Reply

    I have 3 rats and im getting a fourth it’s a baby feeder rat that I’m
    ordering for a pet. Anyways the 3 are not the smartest rats. They tend to
    go poop anywhere and when they do poop in a corner I put the litterbox
    there and they go everywhere but the litterbox.

  4. K charles
    | Reply

    After you’ve had kids, picking up rat poop is nuthin hehe. Some said in
    comments about there Ratties pooping on them, I found once they got used to
    being on us mine stopped, so with mine I guess it was a nervous thing. What
    I think is gross is mine eat in there loo, so I think I need a loo with
    a grate hehe.

  5. hammiesandpiggies
    | Reply

    did you buy the small or large size pan?

  6. Isla Parcell
    | Reply

    I tried it and it works, well for one of them any way.

  7. Tony Wells
    | Reply

    can you use cat litter

  8. Penelope Lemmert
    | Reply

    What do you think is a better gender

  9. Meekalove
    | Reply

    my rat pees on me can you do a video on how to stop it?

  10. Brandon Voidspawn Leigh
    | Reply


  11. Cynthia Guenther
    | Reply

    i have 1 rat i want more but of corse mom says no

  12. Hannah Ainsworth
    | Reply

    i see u have wire mesh stuff around your cage is that worth putting on a

  13. Asae Paroissien
    | Reply

    How about not pooping on us when we take them on the shoulder and stuff….
    Can you please make a videos on that. ‘Cuze my young rat poops on me when
    hes on my shoulder.

  14. dancedanceCRASH
    | Reply

    To save you all 11 min. just pick up the stray poo and put it in the litter
    box so they get used to poop being in the litter box.

    | Reply

    My mice don’t pick a corner they just poop where they like 🙁 especially on
    me 🙁

    | Reply

    Hence the wire 🙂

    | Reply

    I love that litter box, I’ve never seen that before 🙂

  18. A Bweshpech
    | Reply

    I took your advice and tried ‘sucking it up’ and I must say it worked a
    charm. Weird taste at first but at least it stops from getting on your
    hands. Great video, thanks!

  19. Bonnie Berg
    | Reply

    @becki.dawson, you can buy them at Petsmart. Yes you can use washable
    fabric. believe she uses towels for her flooring. I personally like fleece
    because there is so many designs you can chose from at like Joann Fabrics.
    endless opportunities!!!!

  20. patriciapt
    | Reply

    what about pee?

  21. Katie Cam
    | Reply

    Make it so they cannot dig, or sleep or throw the litter around.

  22. becki.dawson
    | Reply

    where can you get these litter trays from? 🙂

  23. RandomStudios97
    | Reply

    what do you use to put on your cage floor? i can’t see any bedding anywhere
    in the cage, do you need to use bedding or can you use washable cloth and
    make like a carpet in the cage?

  24. tammy merry
    | Reply

    You can find the tray on, just search for Ware Plastic
    Scatterless Lock-N-Litter Small Pet Pan.

  25. Lindsay Mayer
    | Reply

    By the way, my rats are only about 4 months old.

  26. Lindsay Mayer
    | Reply

    Hi, I’m trying to litter train my rats. I’ve been trying for about two
    weeks now, putting the individual pieces in the litter pan, but my three
    rats don’t seem to care much. They have never ever pooped in one corner of
    the cage, it’s usually just about everywhere. They poop a LOT in their bed,
    but everytime I clean their cage it’s always all over the bottom floor, on
    the shelves, etc. I don’t really want them walking on their own feces. Is
    there anything I can do?

  27. R. Anon
    | Reply

    I’m guessing its to keep the rats from walking in their own feces which can
    cause bumblefoot.

  28. kristina rose
    | Reply

    is that small or large litter pan?

  29. Bri Rox
    | Reply

    Hi what does the grate do?

  30. CatAttackMeowHiss
    | Reply

    What is the purpose of the grate?

  31. pandapandax
    | Reply

    Just pick up the poop and put it in the litter box – keep the grates off if
    your litter boxes come with them, and try and move the poop into the box as
    soon as they do it, and let them smell the boxes with the poop in them. If
    they’re not too old/set in their ways, they’ll catch on!

  32. India Huy
    | Reply

    What if your rats poop everywhere, not in one spot?

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