Lioness tries to eat baby at the zoo.

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

Our 1 year old son Trent has the attention of Angie, a 400 pound lioness at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. Get the official shirt designed by the father and mother at

What do you think?

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25 Responses

    | Reply

    Isaiah 65:25 “The wolf and the lamb will graze together, and the lion will eat straw like the ox; and dust will be the serpent’s food. They will do no evil or harm in all My holy mountain,” says the LORD.

  2. YayUFOs
    | Reply

    @voltairinedecleyre66 I know, I ruin everything.

  3. belthazor3457
    | Reply

    On closer inspection, I actually feel sorry for the lion. I noticed it never took its claws out during its attempts to get the baby, which probably meant it was trying to bring the baby into the cage where it’s safe, because “big human-creature things are out there” and the lion might’ve been spazzing out at a little “cub” getting out of the cage. hrm.

  4. iJOYyou
    | Reply

    aww this makes me sad because theres a glass between them.

  5. UnderTheBloodSea
    | Reply

    Poor lion, he thought he could hunt for real at least once … 🙁

  6. MrAkbar2
    | Reply

    It would have been hilarious if the glass broke

  7. Pokadot101
    | Reply

    :35 LOL the baby going “WHOA!!”.

  8. Ryooken
    | Reply

    @MrAkbar2 The sad thing is I was thinking the same thing.

  9. Ryooken
    | Reply

    @YayUFOs Tell that to Zeigfried and Royd. Whether you have played with lions or not isn’t the issue. The issue is that lions are wild animals and shouldn’t be tempted this way. If that glass broke we would see quickly, who was the food.

  10. YayUFOs
    | Reply

    @Ryooken The issue is that lions are wild animals and should not be put on display. You think temptation from a baby is bad? Why don’t you go to a zoo and hang out there for a day, then come talk about temptation. Take, for example, the immature teenybops who go and outright taunt the animals, purposefully attempting to rile them up and get a violent reaction out of them. Like I said, the lion was not reacting violently. The issue with Roy Horn does not help your case, it hurts it. (C)

  11. YayUFOs
    | Reply

    If you would have done proper research into it, you would have known that Montecore was not out to injure or kill Roy, he was out to keep him safe. If Montecore had wanted to kill Roy, he would have done it. Siegfried even said as much. A wild cat is still a wild cat, regardless of where it is kept, but that DOES NOT MEAN that if you give a wild cat an inch, they will maul your face off and eat your intestines for dinner.

  12. YayUFOs
    | Reply

    I am not saying that you should run off to the wildlands of Africa and play tag with some lions, so don’t get me wrong. I am simply saying that wild cats are not violent all of the time, or even most of the time. You can not assume that they will automatically be violent if given the opportunity. You need to respect them, respect their space, respect what they are, and not jump to silly conclusions. If you ACT fearful, scared, or confrontational, they will respond accordingly. That’s that.

  13. Ryooken
    | Reply

    @YayUFOs Oh I whole heartedly agree with you. I just think that people do silly things with wild animals as if they are pets and letting a child get that close to a lion is one of them. Animals should be respected and not feared.

  14. lendizzle22
    | Reply

    That baby’s got some balls. Some cry when they see a guy in a pooh suit at disneyland. This kid laughs in the face… no, mouth of a lion.

  15. amcrae2251
    | Reply

    nom nom nom

  16. cinderella16395
    | Reply

    he’s a cutie! if i were a lioness i’d do the same 😀 nom nom nom 😀

  17. noor6668
    | Reply

    who plays roblox then thumbs up!

  18. Roflelf
    | Reply

    Baby trolling the lion so hard

  19. SharpieTheBlack
    | Reply

    @noor6668 what are you 8? That game is so lame.

  20. noor6668
    | Reply

    @SharpieTheBlack Im 9 years old not 8 years old and i made this account my self and i made a facebook and a twitter and a myspace and a google acc and youtube acc and blogger acc and so many accounts myself.

  21. tocoolfoya1358
    | Reply

    A bite size snack for the lioness..

  22. SharpieTheBlack
    | Reply

    @noor6668 your not old enough to have any of those things quit being a nerd goo outside and play wtf

  23. JoneeB
    | Reply

    Not trying to eat the little cherib , Poor lioness thinking
    ” I’ve just done them sodding windows”

  24. DBZisthebestanimever
    | Reply

    @canucksgo I wish the glass didn’t exist. Only this kid’s parents will cry while everyone else gets a really good laugh

  25. TehHunger
    | Reply

    CURSES! This human cub’s ingenuity has denied me yet another meal!

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