Liger + Tiger + Lion = BIG CAT RESCUE!

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought it would be of interest!

>> Note: From YouTube >>

Liger, Tigers, Lions, Leopards, Cougars, Lynx, Ocelots, Servals, Sand Cats,…Big Cat Rescue located in Tampa Florida, is the world’s largest accredited non profit sanctuary. Home to over 100 unwanted, abandoned and abused exotic big cats. For more info about BIG CAT RESCUE visit: Find us on FACEBOOK MYSPACE: TWITTER: DONATE: THANK YOU!

Please … If you think this video is not appropriate nor related to pet adoption and rescue .. please let HART know via the Contact form. Thank-You

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25 Responses

  1. coolvidzman

    Big ass candy corn?

    @ 0:48

  2. BigCatRescue

    @coolvidzman Almost! That’s a bloodcicle 🙂

  3. LevArriss

    @ :31 – :32 What is it?

  4. BigCatRescue

    @LevArriss That’s Canyon one of our Sand Cats 🙂

  5. TheSamee

    “Nikita – confiscated from a drug raid” Woah! WTF!?

  6. anthonyle1231

    @TheSamee yep, cats like these are sometimes used at raids just for fear factor, or just to harm peope if nessary. its not pretty

  7. TheSamee

    @anthonyle1231 That’s some scary shit.

  8. anthonyle1231

    @TheSamee ino right o.0, i mean there huge >=O

  9. rax7

    i like snow leopard

  10. mefh05

    @BigCatRescue blood? woow…kinda cool..

  11. ipod19wins

    i think u should start breeding tigers considering they are going to be exicnt in the wild by 2022… only 3200 left in the wild so get to it

  12. BigCatRescue

    @ipod19wins Tigers bred in captivity will never see the wild, what we need to do is preserve habitat and the tigers will take care of themselves 🙂 We don’t breed at BCR, we would rather rescue cats that need a home 🙂

  13. ipod19wins

    @BigCatRescue Yes but u can always bread them and release them to the wild like christian the lion?

  14. BigCatRescue

    @ipod19wins This is never done and is pointless if we cannot do what I mentioned above 🙁

  15. ipod19wins

    @BigCatRescue very true but sad =[ is there somthing u have to meet to work with u guys?

  16. BigCatRescue

    @ipod19wins Were always looking for good volunteers if you want to check out our website 🙂 ?

  17. agriss2009

    It is a pity that in my trip to US I’ll be far from this sanctuary, otherwise I’d pay a visit. Beautiful work, these are gorgeous creatures.

  18. AnimalActivist247

    all the money i get for the holidays is going to the cats =) so far i got $300 =D

  19. BigCatRescue

    @AnimalActivist247 Thank you very much, the cats will certainly appreciate that!!

  20. AnimalActivist247

    @BigCatRescue =)

  21. zoolog106

    If i’d live in tampa i’d go there everyday.
    Are letting those to the wild?

  22. BigCatRescue

    @zoolog106 No there are no release programs for captive bred cats, especially cats that have come from backyards and circuses etc…

  23. GuppyPal

    A lion playing with a white tiger!!!! WTF!?!?! Crazy.

    If I had any money to give I would.

  24. bydlomonster

    Learn the truth about Big Cat Rescue before you praise them. Go to REXANO’s web site and skim their extensive BCR page.

  25. 1nadiaforever

    their gorgoues:D