Letterman – Stupid Pet Tricks: Playing Dead

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


YouTube Description

It’s an Oscar-worthy performance by this talented dog in Stupid Pet Tricks.

What do you think?

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26 Responses

  1. gizzyj828
    | Reply

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  2. Wolfsbane909
    | Reply

    @ToxicJoon yeah kind of the basics to give an dog an “treat” if they perform the task requested of them correctly. Other wise dogs don’t do their tricks because even dogs have a primal basic “smarts”. Then again, what type of dog handler wouldn’t give dogs a treat for performing their task properly? -an douchey one…

  3. rafael77687able
    | Reply

    david letterman is the real showman….

  4. Lovethevols194
    | Reply

    Awesome !!! Please check out spike worlds best bulldog. Spike says I love you. Thanks

  5. zaeroxe
    | Reply

    Tries to shake his hand at 1:27 but has to grab one of the dogs paws since the guy doesn’t notice it hehe

  6. haltrman93
    | Reply

    @Wolfsbane909 Please tell me you’re not American, lol…

  7. Wolfsbane909
    | Reply

    @haltrman93 Howdy! =3
    How Ye’all doing?! =3

  8. haltrman93
    | Reply

    @Wolfsbane909 Canadian? And here I was about to forgive your multitude of grammar errors!

  9. firepowerOMG
    | Reply

    trying to make my dog do that but it just keep eating the treats out of my hand

  10. firepowerOMG
    | Reply

    trying to make my dog do that but it just keep eating the treats out of my hand

  11. SpikeDynamitePro
    | Reply

    I do that whenever my school mails my mom my report card 😀

  12. JoshBryden
    | Reply

    I was trying to teach me dog to play dead. I said “Play dead Molly” and she did the trick. I then said “Good girl! Come get your treat”. Its been 3 months and she hasn’t gotten up to recieve her treat.

  13. MerkabaStar
    | Reply

    @grigor818 oh get over it

  14. dudehedieded
    | Reply

    did he died?

  15. grigor818
    | Reply

    @MerkabaStar im guessing you have one? lol

  16. carlyeandkacyshow
    | Reply

    awhh oh my goodness i love how she like played dead and just looked real fast and went back!!

  17. BIGGI221022
    | Reply

    /watch?v=zrH-FytHX6o look at this cute dog!

  18. grigor818
    | Reply

    1:29 i love how Letterman shakes the dog’s leg after the guy leaves him hanging lmaoooooo

  19. fitnesschaser01
    | Reply

    i mute commercials and read comments

  20. mrjojosaccomplice
    | Reply

    download google adblock and your life will be better

  21. NYtassu
    | Reply

    I want 30 seconds of my life back (ad)

  22. NYtassu
    | Reply

    That trick is a lie. I tried to make my wife do this, but it didnt work.

  23. teengirlsquad52
    | Reply

    i love the evolution of lettermans laugh in this haa

  24. rahim7a
    | Reply

    I told my dog to play dead and then it ran in front of a truck. He was going for realism.

  25. donne1998
    | Reply

    hahahahaha Look at the artist it says Dead hahaha

  26. IT news asia
    | Reply

    I do not disagree with this writing…

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