Leash Training Ferrets -pt 1

Have had a few questions on how I train my ferrets to behave so well outside off and on leash. Here’s my step by step training videos..This part covers harne…

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18 Responses

  1. clynn261
    | Reply

    I am a new ferret owner and I had bought a harness from our local pet store and it did not work at all, the attachment from the vest came off of the vest before I even had a chance to set down our ferret, and the vest came off faster that I put it on. I had watched this video so I also purchased a small leash and I decided to try this, it worked for me thank you!!

  2. ThatVampWolf
    | Reply

    I’ve been letting my ferrets play in their harnesses so they get used to them (:
    The jacket harness doesn’t seem to work (the wiggle out super easy), but the plain jane adjustable ones are great! (Cheaper too!) We took them outside and Loki still jerks around but I think he’ll soon get the hang of it. Loki is the stubborn one when it comes to my ferrets.

  3. Samantha Wall
    | Reply

    He’s so cute

  4. Samantha Wall
    | Reply

    Where did u get boo

  5. Cody Isaacs
    | Reply

    This is a great idea for the leash my ferrets slip out of there harness so easly thanks for the idea

  6. MorningHawk101
    | Reply

    OK I did have a ferret that was blind and deaf so we have to start with a different approach. Deaf ferrets are understandable more skiddish than full capable ferrets. With mine deaf/blind ferret I could not “walk” him on a leash as much as I put him in one and let him wander.. I have plans for a few supplemental videos. First I would really get to know your ferret first and see what treats she likes, and earn her trust. Then start training. Thank you for getting back to me I was worried. 🙂

  7. XXXbrutalbrennaxX666
    | Reply

    My ferret Sammy is deaf and doesn’t know her name, I wanted to teach her to go on a leash but trying to put the harness on she bit me very upset and training her has been difficult as she’s a picky eater when it comes to treats. It’s like there’s no way I can get her to understand me!

  8. wildog47
    | Reply

    Hey. I was wondering if ferrets can eat freeze dried chicken treats. I feed them to my cat cause they are 100% chicken and 0% preservatives. Also can they eat freeze dried beef liver treats?

  9. MorningHawk101
    | Reply

    If you have the equipment (and possibly a friend to run the camera- either that or if you have a web cam) I’d like to see how your hooking your ferret up so I can help you troubleshoot this.

  10. MorningHawk101
    | Reply

    Dani, this training takes time. Baby ferrets (Kits) are very wound up and some are just bullheaded. It sounds like you need to work with your ferret on some handling before attempting leash training. It takes a bit of coordination but the technique is designed that you shouldn’t get bit. (scratched maybe). I’m sorry you felt you needed to buy such an expensive leash- the one’s in the video are 6$ lightweight nylon leads, the retracting 10ft lead was only 10$.

  11. Dani Boo
    | Reply

    my bandit is not liking this… but now i spent 25$on a verry good leash and she gets out of it and i cant do your technique she bites me 🙁 why did i ask my mum to have a ferret im only 12 and i have loads of scars

  12. MorningHawk101
    | Reply

    Yes. As much as ferrets are carnivores and predators they are also prey animals to hawks, owls foxes and the like. When they get scared they duck and cover, until the perceived threat has passed. Holding them replaced a duck and cover and reassures them that they are safe in your arms or with you. Over time when they get scared they will run to you rather look for a hidey hole as you are always safe and always near.

  13. PurpleKillJoy
    | Reply

    Thanks SOOOOOOOO much for these videos! They helped me a ton!

  14. LaurenAshlieLandonK
    | Reply

    I have been trying to harness train my ferret and your right, they just slip out of them like their Houdini. I tried you tip with the slipknot and it worked! He trashed and thrashed but i had some toys around to distract him and eventually he mostly wanted to play with his toys rather than make a fuss. sometimes he tried to hide, when he did that i picked him up and cuddled him and gave positive reinforcement so he will come to me instead of hide. will that tactic work?

  15. roman baron
    | Reply

    my Ferrets bits , how can i make hem stop biting ?

  16. Morgan Garihan
    | Reply

    I’ve done a lot of training with various kinds of animals. Ferrets, however, are new to me. I understand and really appreciate your approach here. I’ve done something very similar with both dogs and a rabbit. Lovely video. 🙂

  17. MorningHawk101
    | Reply

    Archie and Lily are both rescues from homes that did not want them anymore. Boo was purchased at Petco.

  18. shin jaden
    | Reply


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