Kitten vs. Watermelon (funny cat video)

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

Cute 4 month old kitten named Flanigan attacks a watermelon. The watermelon had scratches and bite marks all over it by the time he was done. Flanigan walked away from the battle unscathed. Starring Flanigan the Irish Cat AKA Flanny.

What do you think?

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27 Responses

  1. Mr0Upthebut
    | Reply

    Kitteh abuse!!!!

  2. ctpabon
    | Reply

    the cat is like dont mess with me

  3. June28July
    | Reply

    I arez vegetabletarian cat!

  4. GirlWhoLovesTurtles
    | Reply

    Most epic battle ever.

    | Reply

    Aww so cute lol

  6. jrbitchez
    | Reply

    @SirFlanigan so then this is earth.. lol

  7. lefkada88
    | Reply

    @SirFlanigan actually america is one continent but has 2 parts like europe has east and west europe that doesn’t mean they’re different continents… but saying “that’s america” it’s more likely u mean us not the whole continent so if someone corners u u can say the whole continent! lol (the last one was a bit of trolling but that’s what i think) anywayz it’s not bad to spend 51secs to see a kitty…ppl spend hours watching Jersey Shore or the other on with the real housewives(real my ass)….

  8. pukenroll
    | Reply

    @lefkada88 They are separate continents.

  9. garumex
    | Reply

    @SirFlanigan i’m assuming that @tatycarrera is from mexico or some south america’s country! And in those countries they teach you that “America” is the whole continent. In mexico they don’t use North America or South America they just say America for the whole thing! So stop fighting because you have been taught different things!! I know because i studied elementry school in Mexico and Middle school and High School in the United States! :)))

  10. lefkada88
    | Reply

    @pukenroll looool no they are not! there r 5 continents america europe australia asia and africa that’s what i was taught in school..althouth the last years they combined europe and asia and call it eurasia and they call america the continent of americas one continent of 2 parts!if u check u’ll see that there is the theory of 5,6 or 7 continents!i was taught the one of five cause i’m not american and i dont hate canadians or vice versa!th 7 continents has also antarctica and the americas in one!

  11. ilonabologna8
    | Reply

    I love the kitten’s name, was it taken from the movie Cocktail?

  12. 2quimby
    | Reply

    @SirFlanigan REALLY! wow

  13. TheLocoRonin
    | Reply

    loool, that’s that. I am bringing home a watermelon for my cats tomorrow morning 😉

  14. jilltheawesome
    | Reply

    at the end the cat was like”oh forget the melon…. I FOUND A CHAIR LEG!!!!XD”

  15. jilltheawesome
    | Reply

    p.s. my cat is sufering of what i call”retardism”(mentaly challenged)!and holley hell my cat is the funniest thing you will EVER see!!!!!i am gonna have to post a video of her sometime!!!XDXDXD

  16. Quitjeans
    | Reply

    I wonder how the cat would feel if it knows that 12 million people were watching.

  17. thewhitestripe1000
    | Reply

    that is one funny cat video

  18. LegalizePsychedelics
    | Reply

    1,706 people are black

  19. SkateborderX12
    | Reply

    Thumps up if you thought the cat was ganna get squeshed and thats why you watched this!

  20. MsDomo99
    | Reply

    That cat will be famous

  21. bemobaby
    | Reply

    @SirFlanigan actually the more green it is the more people watch… look @ america

  22. ReimuHakureiShrine
    | Reply

    Fail video

  23. XRedxEyedxWandererX
    | Reply

    @LegalizePsychedelics …..

  24. RAWRNicholasTzz
    | Reply

    1,709 People are black

  25. LogicBeforeNorms
    | Reply

    @tatycarrera whole*

  26. Jill
    | Reply

    I thought for a moment the cat will be rolled over by the watermelon LOL!

  27. Perpetual Pet Memorials
    | Reply

    With a name like Flanigan, perhaps the cat would like a potato:)

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