Kitten Surprise!! ( how to break up a cat fight ) The Original

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

Become a fan on Facebook! *Relax – the kitten did not drink cow’s milk – he drank KMR (Kitten Milk Replacer) *No, the kitten was not sick or poisoned nor was this planned, he just drank too much milk. *Yes, I know they are not really fighting, it’s just a witty title. The kittens have been shown on: The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, DJ and the Fro, Spike Tv, and more to come! Surprised Kitten

What do you think?

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27 Responses

  1. whyminervadied
    | Reply

    That other cat was so appalled by their terrible jiu-jitsu technique that it threw up.

  2. td31g
    | Reply

    that made me lol

  3. squishybeak1
    | Reply

    lol omg that was too funny my sides hurt from laffing 😛 hope kitty is okay now though :s weren’t anything serious was it :S but agree with raneXone awesome 😛 lol

  4. elmascabrondelmundo2
    | Reply

    lol (fighting) wait look at timmy wtf is wrong with him
    (timmy pukes)


  5. guilhermesetti
    | Reply

    he just wants a lil bit of attention XD

  6. jelliclekat24
    | Reply

    4,212 people don’t know how to break up a cat fight.

  7. kittehxtimex3
    | Reply

    o.o..i hope hes ok..

  8. 2ndXary
    | Reply

    they’re like “what….the….fuck…..”

  9. wunderwaffle96
    | Reply

    0:34 they both stop stare and go wtf’s wrong with you

  10. JeboyjeffA1
    | Reply

    That cat haves to many sucks

  11. 30yanara
    | Reply

    jajaja i like youtube

  12. glauberzika
    | Reply

    aquele vumito devia com um cheirinho e gostinho bom.

  13. pocketgod2011
    | Reply

    0:34 cat: what’s wrong with u???? XD

  14. tysonislove
    | Reply

    thats why you cant haz cheezburger…

  15. mikethestal
    | Reply

    4,213 people have shameful memories of throwing up in public

  16. BurgerBoy1111
    | Reply


  17. latefo
    | Reply

    the person who laughed at the cat is an asshole ,, thumbs up if u agree !!

  18. ForGivenClan
    | Reply

    o i just spray my cat with water it only takes 1 sec

  19. 9ricosuave
    | Reply

    illl wtf lamfao jajjajajja

  20. theaterjunkie89
    | Reply

    how is that funny?

  21. Punkette151617
    | Reply

    lmfao they stop and stare at him thats so classic XD

  22. jmoseph767
    | Reply

    @theaterjunkie89 Because it’s so very human, i’ve often seen to guys fighting and another comes over (drunk) and throws up on them. They stop. lolz ensue

  23. andysailor1100
    | Reply

    pobre gatito

  24. CutesyBubblez
    | Reply

    this is like 2 videos in 1… bonus at the end!

  25. nadeshtco
    | Reply

    0_0 ke onda kon el 3 gato les bomito jajajajajaajajaja…muy bueno, me iso reir

  26. sammy
    | Reply

    its nice funny bideo

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