Kitten suckles air *ORIGINAL*

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

Our kitten likes to suckle on fleecy things as he thinks it’s his mommy. Sometimes he forgets that he doesn’t have anything in his mouth yet continues to suckle. This is one of those times. Follow me (the kitten) on facebook! Proceeds from the viewership go towards feeding our kitties, the rest gets donated to the ASPCA. So please, feel free to share this video link with others! Edit: I have received a lot of posts saying my cat has some health issue with him. Before you post anymore comments on that topic ask yourself these questions: 1) Are you a qualified pet health expert? 2) Do you know the medical history of this cat? 3) Do you know how the cat responds after doing this? 4) Do you think you can honestly diagnose anything based solely on a video? If you answered yes to ALL of those questions, then please feel free to give us advice on the care of our cat. If you answered no to ANY of those questions, please realize that you do not posses the expertise to make such claims. The cat has also been to our vet. and has checked out healthy. There is no need to tell me how to care for my cat and I respectfully ask you to keep your medical opinion to yourself. I cannot stress that enough. Also just to clarify for those who may be wondering our little boy was adopted from Cat City, which is affiliated with PAWS He was found abandoned on an island here in the Puget Sound and was brought there for care and to prepare him for being adopted. He was approximately

What do you think?

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  1. MrBilbo13 says:

    Very good video, still laughing when watching


  2. deviousgirlchild says:

    the innocent looking eyes glancing about just make it so much better.

  3. xLaurenAnna says:


  4. BeyondOrwell says:


    congratulations. that was the first funny “in soviet russia” joke i’ve ever heard.

  5. MrVulgaris says:

    Am I the only one getting turned on by this?

  6. InterpolFL says:

    Pedo cat is always watching…

  7. fatassrectorteam says:

    HAHAHA lol

  8. Ph33rS0m3 says:

    Pedo cat… Has the ability to see through your bra….

  9. PhoebzBabezxoxoxo says:


  10. PhoebzBabezxoxoxo says:


  11. juljulkuk says:

    That’s the cat tounge desease

  12. ImaxxxMonsterxxx says:

    i love this cat :3

  13. plandercozeron says:

    omg stop writing this gay soviet russia jokes

  14. Its obviously ready for the peanut butter. Mom, don’t keep it waiting.

  15. universalmoor says:


  16. Haydenr337 says:

    Pervert kitty is looking for love

  17. Cute

  18. OfficialB13 says:


  19. ruiruiharuka says:


  20. I wanna hold your cat.loveliness.

  21. Cat: What? Do I have something on my face?

  22. pikamanable says:

    Lololololololololololololol perve kitteh

  23. Damnfrenchies says:

    SUCH AN ADORABLE KITTY!! its also really nifty to know thats what was going on when our kittens made a lot of noise nursing! it makes sense they were are squeaky and snuffly now 🙂 kittens are so perfect and yours is no exception! our kittens still try to nurse on their mommy sometimes, and they’re almost five months old. its still pretty cute though since they’re as big, and bigger, than she is!

  24. 真顔でやっているのがおもろいな

  25. loypktdblsky says:


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