Kiss | Training Tutorial

A quick and easy tutorial on teaching birds to give you a kiss and answering a Tumblr request regarding aggression that can occur when teaching this concept!


If you have any comments, questions or concerns please shoot them my way!

Intro music :

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23 Responses

  1. Miss silly batミスシリーバット
    | Reply

    I don’t have another one, so can i train them to kiss me?

  2. Dina Atanassova
    | Reply

    Flock talk, don't you know that your spoiling your bird for this video. Lucky Bird!🤣🤣🤣

  3. Maha Jonesy
    | Reply

    I got a bird yesterday

  4. Fan của mọi người
    | Reply

    Wow hay quá đi!!!!!!▪¤

  5. just me
    | Reply

    Thank you soo much!! Now I can teach my budgie Blue to give me a kiss!!💖💖

  6. Ajmal Ajmal
    | Reply

    how to training cocktail bird

  7. E O
    | Reply

    I taught my budgie Ziggy to give kisses on command too!! I’m talking serious pecks while making kiss noises or saying “muah” lol. That’s bc he knows there’s a difference between a kiss and “BIG KISS”. It was one of the first things I taught him that he now even says “muuahhh” like it means “please” for a treat or attention. Anyone interested in learning how I did? I have never posted his kisses online but my instagram has some other cute clips of him. Check us IG@purble. Lmk what y’all think I’ve been interested in possibly starting a channel on his amazingness:) I’ll get his kisses up soon if anyone likes this comment. I Love Budgies!!

  8. Milly Kanter
    | Reply

    Please can you do a video of what to do when your Parrotlet comes home as I am getting one or two tomorrow. !!!!!! BTW IM LITERALLY YOUR BIGGEST FAN I WATCH YOUR VIDEOS OVER AND OVER WHENEVER I GO ON MY PHONE OR IPAD. Thx

  9. MrT _
    | Reply

    Is it safe to kiss my bird on his body? Eg: the wing? My bird recently started to twitch his head and body at random. Is it because I kissed him? He's not itching.

  10. * Woofy *
    | Reply

    O dude I had a female budgie and a male one and they kissed….


  11. Glitter B 8
    | Reply

    My bird is going to bite me

  12. Denny The Budgie
    | Reply

    I find it! Yess ! I can finnaly train him to kiss me!

  13. Chadwick Rasmussen
    | Reply

    my bird kisses me all the time and nibbles on my ear I love him

  14. Md. Taj Shah
    | Reply

    Which type of bird is it and how to buy in india…
    I am your subscriber please reply me….

  15. Ksenia Bolshakova
    | Reply

    What treats are you using?

  16. Harshit Sahu
    | Reply

    What do you feed them.

  17. Nicky vdV
    | Reply

    My bird keeps on biting me in my lip and nose. What can i do about it?

  18. Fox Claw
    | Reply

    Thx u soo much!!!!! This helped me teach my budgie Buddy how to give me a kiss!!
    Whenever i made a kiss noise no matter where i was he would run up my leg and demand kisses

  19. Dasha Kravchenko
    | Reply

    I think they can't have sunflower seeds because a lot of people say do not feed your budgie sunflower seeds

  20. Dasha Kravchenko
    | Reply

    I have two budgies and they can't have sunflower seeds

  21. Dasha Kravchenko
    | Reply

    I use millet and it does not work

  22. Dasha Kravchenko
    | Reply

    What treats do you use???

  23. Nikki
    | Reply

    lol my birds already know how to kiss but I just wanted to watch anyways

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