Keep Pets Out of the Cold

When the weather outside is frightful, it’s important to follow some precautions to keep your pet safe. Although dogs and cats have fur, it’s a misconception to think that they cannot suffer from frostbite or hypothermia. So while the weather is cold, adjust some of the aspects of your pet’s routine.

Even if your cat or dog enjoys being outside, limit their time outside, especially when the temperature is below freezing. This prevents them from literally freezing outside or from getting frostbite or hypothermia. Some outdoor cats find warmth in the most dangerous places like under the hood of cars, but they will not have to resort to this behavior if they are inside where it’s warm.

Taking your dog outside to go to the bathroom when it’s snowing and windy can be unpleasant for both you and your dog. If you have the time, it benefits the dog to wear dog boots so their paws don’t stick to the icy ground. At the very least, make sure to thoroughly wipe off your dog after they have come back inside, because they cold have salt or antifreeze on their fur, which can be dangerous if ingested. Also make sure to keep an ID tag and leash on your dog, because they can easily loose their scent in the snow.

With any pet, it’s important that they have a warm place to sleep. Pet beds are perfect, because they keep your pet off of the drafty floor. Another tip to preserve your pet’s health is to make sure they are thoroughly dry after baths before they go outside.

You might notice that elderly animals and kittens and puppies cannot tolerate such harsh weather, so try paper or litter training them. Putting a coat or sweater and boots on your pet as well as limiting their time outdoors during the winter can mean life or death for your pet.

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  1. K Aponte
    | Reply

    Thanks Marina for this reminder to all of us that care so much for our “kids”. It’s important too that when it’s raining outside we make some time to dry out their coats (at least pat with a cotton towel to absorb humidity). I know some friends that take their pals outside when it’s wet and then take’em straight to their beds. All that trapped humidity with the warm air inside our homes is the perfect environment for bacteria and skin problems to flourish during the season. Thanks again!

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