KatWALLks Cat Furniture, Cat Trees, Cat Perches

KatWALLks Cat Furniture, Cat Trees, Cat Perches

I was just surfing about today in some of my PapillonLvr bookmarks, and thought this was one heck of a product for cats. The blurb goes something like this:

Perhaps the most logical cat furniture or cat tree you can get your paws on… Unlike regular cat furniture, KatWALLks vastly enlarges your cat’s world without using one inch of actual living space! KatWALLks allow cats to walk to their favorite high place.

This looks like a great idea for cats and there even is a video on this webpage. We just let our cat Zeus walk on all of the tables, except for the Dining Room table – it’s where we eat – and the glass living room coffee table – he blocks our view when we are watching T.V.

Take care.

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